Madhesh leaders propose 35 points amendments to the Constitution

The protesting Madheshi leaders have proposed a 4-page-long amendments to the recently finalized Constitution of Nepal 2015. The demands are mostly related to the changes to be made for the benefits of the residents of the Terai region. The 35-points long propose was given to the government of Nepal by the Madhesi Morcha.

The 4-pages-long demands were published in Nagariknews.

deamand 1 and 2

Madhesh Morcha Demand 1

The first demand is to recognize the Madhesh protest in the Preamble. The Preamble remembers “historical people’s movements and armed struggles” at around 0:44 in the following video, the demand is to include Madhesi struggle:

Madhesh Morcha Demand 2

The second demand is about the Clause 7, sub-clause 1 to make the official business of the Nepal government to be made multiple languages. The clause is located at 2:47 in the following video.

Madhesh Morcha Demand 3

The third demand refers to clause 11 (6) and clause 14

demand 3

The clauses are located at around 2:10 and 4:15 respectively in the following video:

Madhesh Morcha Demands 4 and 5

This demand relates to clause 289 (1).

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