Nepali Novel – Palpasa Cafe

palpasa cafeNepali Novel – Palpasa Cafe
Author – Narayan Wagle
Read by – Achyut Ghimire
Program – Radio Bachan
Station – Ujjyalo 90

The novel ‘Palpasa Cafe’ by journalist and writer Narayan Wagle had won the Madan Puraskar – the top literature award in Nepal. The audio version of the book was read for the radio program Shruti Sambeg by Achyut Ghimire.

In addition to being award winner, novel, the book is one of the best seller books in Nepal.

The novel presents the story at the time of Maoist civil war. The novel tells the story of a painter. The first book of the author was sold 25,000 copy on the year of the release. 2061

The novel has been translated into English and Korean languages. As of July 2012, 52,000 copies of the book had been sold. The novel is also available in Ebook format. The book is believed to be the first Nepali books to be available in Amazon online book store.

After the success of ‘Palpasa Cafe’, Narayan Wagle had written the second novel ‘Mayur Times’.

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Palpasa Cafe

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Narayan Wagle, Author profile

Review in Nepali Times, 2005:
review palpasa cafe nepali times 2025

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