Aug 202014
Pujan Paneru - Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

25 years old Pujan Paneru is 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 110 Lbs. Pujan hails from West Hartford , CT. In three words, Pujan defines herself as initiator, humble, self disciplined. Pujan loves travelling, dancing and social work. She also like making new friends and spending quality time with family and loved [...]

Aug 192014
Pingala Dhungana - Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

20 years old Pingala Dhungana is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 103 Lbs. Pingala hails from Dallas , TX. In three words, Pingala defines herself as hard worker, talented and helpful. Pingala is interested in modeling, acting and sports. She is participating in the Miss Nepal US 2014 because she wants to win [...]

Aug 192014
Kusma Kharel - Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

22 years old Kusma Kharel is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 95 Lbs. Kusma hails from Berkeley , CA. In three words, Kusma defines herself as patient, responsible, friendly. Kushma’s hobbies and interest are dancing, traveling and social works. Kusma believes a beauty contest an important platform to showcase her intelligence, talent and [...]

Aug 192014
Puja Thapa - Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

19 years old Puja Thapa is 5 feet 7 inch tall and weighs 140 lbs. Puja hails from Centreville , Virginia. In three words, Puja defines herself as diligent , vivacious and idealistic. Puja loves watching movie and she also likes dancing. Puja’s motivation in participating in Miss Nepal US has nothing to do about [...]

Aug 192014
Khushbu Mishra - Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

27 years old Khushbu Mishra is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 100 lbs. Khushbu hails from Columbus , OH. In three words, Khushbu defines herself as trend-setter, humanitarian and assertive. Khusbu’s hobbiles include travelling, swimming, biking, badminton, rock climbing, painting, reading, cooking and research in gender and development economics. Khusbu had never done [...]

Aug 192014
Kabita Pahari - Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

19 years old Kabita Pahari is 5 feet3 inch and weighs 105 Lbs. Kabita hails from Ridgewood , NY. In three words, Kabita defines herself as diligent, motivated and team player. Kabita’s hobbies and interest include swimming, dancing, singing and making new friends. She participated in Miss Nepal US contest to develop her self confidence. [...]

Aug 192014
Byakhya Lamichhaney - Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

25 years old Byakhya Lamichhaney is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 110 Lbs. Byakhya hails from Palo Alto , CA. In three words, Byakhya defines herself as witty, audacious and elegant. Byakhya loves being with nature and loves hiking, trekking, camping and Outing. She also loves dancing and loves to find creative way to [...]

Aug 192014
Miss Nepal US 2014 contestants prepare for the August 23 contest

The contestants of Miss Nepal US 2014 have arrived in New York for final beauty pageant contest to be held on August 23rd. There are 14 finalists competing for this year’s Miss Nepal US title. Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi has also arrived in New York for the final preparation of the contest.

Aug 182014
Miss UK Nepal 2014 contestant - Sapana Shrestha

Miss UK Nepal 2014 Contestant No. 1 Sapana Shrestha is a 22-years old beauty from Reading, UK. Originally from Palpa Tansen in Nepal, Sapana spent her childhood days in Butwal. She started living in UK since 2010. Sapana is a student of bachelor in Bio- medical science and is aiming to become a successful cancer [...]