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Paste the Preeti text in the following box. (तलको बाकसमा प्रीति फन्टका अक्षर पेस्ट गर्नुहोस्):


The text in Preeti is converted to unicode in the box below:

Before the popularity of Unicode, typing in Devanagari used to be done in various fonts. Preeti is one of the most popular fonts used to type in Nepali. With the wide use of Unicode, the need of separate fonts to display Nepali text has ended. Many users these days don't install Nepali fonts. So, offering texts written in fonts can't be read properly by most of the users.

Many of the texts typed in Preeti is still out there hence this tool is prepared to convert them to Unicode.

To type in Unicode please use Roman to Unicode converter. If you want better Nepali fonts to make your text better looking - Nepali fonts can be downloaded here.