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3 Responses to Gurkha – The Queen awarded bravery medal to Dipprasad Pun

  1. saguni astani magar says:

    One of my friend has an status :”I’m proud 2 be gurkhas” n i m curious 2 learn about what is their all about gurkhas.Once my finger touch on 1st page then another n so on,it made interesting on n on.
    At d end i drop on d site of Corporal Dip Prasad Pun and Rita Rana abt their honourship work.The one who know only about simple terms ,i got 2 learn a lot.
    Thank XNepal n congratulation to Corporeal …and Rana.And yes proud 2 say GURKHAS! ^^

  2. goran says:

    Wow,what a soldier….RESPECT

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