Jharana Bajracharya: Nepali actress, model

Jharana Bajracharya is one of the leading actresses in Nepali movie industry. She is also considered one of the hottest celebrity in Nepal. She has surrounded herself with a lot of controversy with her movies, music and affairs.

Some of Jharana Bajracharya movies posted in xNepali are:

Nepali Movie – Shuvakamana
Nepali Movie – Safe Landing (new, unreleased movie of Jharana Bajracharya)
Nepali Movie – Anjuli
Nepali movie – Dhan Sampati
Nepali Movie – Maya Garchhu Ma
Nepali Movie – Siudoko Sindoor (Rajesh Hamal, Niruta Singh, Jharana Bajracharya)
Nepali Movie – Tribeni
Nepali Movie – Kohi Mero (2010)
Hindi Movie – Love in Nepal (2004)
Nepali Movie – Sanjivani

The skimpy outfit she appeared in the Bollywood movie ‘Love in Nepal’ created a huge controversy and she had to defend by saying ‘What’s wrong with exposing if you are blessed with natural beauty?’ After the movie, she claimed that she got many more offers in Bollywood. She told that she had to reject them as all of them were focused on skin show rather than acting role.

Jharana_ Bajracharya_ with_ warren_engaged Apart from her professional life, her personal life has always been in limelight. There was rumor of her affair with the owner of Nanglo restaurant; which, she denied. Then came an engagement (was it a marriage?) with a British national, Warren Carrar. That was about two years back. She is still telling that she will marry Carrer

Jharana was the Miss Nepal, 1997 and the first representative for Nepal at the Miss World Pageant. On 1998, Prakash Sayami brought Jharana in films with the movie ‘Hatiyar’. Jharana has acted a number of movies, advertisements, and music videos. It is sad however that none of the films of Jharana have seen much success.

Jharana_ Bajracharya

UPDATE: (March 2015)
Jharana has married the producer of her latest movie ‘Safe Landing’, Rahul Agarwal.

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