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The traditional festival of Khadga Jatra was observed on Friday at Ason Bazaar in the capital. This festival is celebrated byTuladhars (a sub-caste of Newar community) of Ason resident every year a day after Vijaya Dashami representing the victory of good over evil by commemorating the legendary killing of a demon by the goddess Durga.



In other Khadga Jatra festival, the eldest person leads the procession but in this Khadga Jatra of Ason, the youngest child of the clan leads a procession slicing off the head of an imaginary demon.

A gourd painted as demon is bumped off to mark the victory of good over evil. The procession of locals goes on with playing music with traditional instruments declaring the war against demons.

Similarly, this tradition is also observed in Dolakha district every year a day after Vijaya Dashami.

Dancing revelers wearing white dauras, skirts and garlands of barley shoots tour Dolakha town in the district carrying swords commemorating the war of gods against the demon Mahisasur.

The religious myth behind it is that after demons created havoc in the lives of humans and gods, the gods held a secret meeting and decided to wage war against the demon called Maishasur. So, locals of Dolakha take out a procession and pray to goddess Kalinchowk for assistance in the war. On their return from the temple, they conduct the ritual of yagya in front of Tindhara.

Pachali Bhairav Jatra

The festival of Pachali Bhairav was started in Kathmandu on Thursday on Vijaya Dashami. This festival is celebrated in every 12 years. During the festival, Lord Bhairav exchanges the Royal Khadga four times in the ritual. This year, the ritual was to be performed in the presence of President and Thaku Juju (Newar King). But according to the presidential office, the President did not attend the ceremony on Thursday due to the lack of time. (Photo Credit: Imagechannel)

  3 Responses to “Khadga Jatra observed and Pachali Bhairav Festival begins”

  1. Yes, I think factual errors like this should be well researched before printing it. This is an important event as it is held once in 12 years. The Newari community is vast, and I believe, the ‘Pachali Bhairav Jatra’ is also well known as ‘Gathu pyakhan’ which is organized and followed by the Malakars. It is very inappropriate to write Tuladhars. From next time, before publishing anything, the information should be collected from authentic source and edited too!

  2. Dear Admin,

    this is very good coverage regarding Khadga Siddhi Jatra, which is celebrate once in an every 12 years.

    But in this article there is found some big mistake regarding the Newar community, who are really host/oganizer of this Jatra from a beginning. In this article you are mention the ‘Tuladhar” community. But that is totally wrong. We “Malakar/Mali” community are the Main people or community who is celebrating this Jatra. It is also known by “Gathu Jatra”.

    For you kind information, there are two jatra which is celebrate same… that is “Bhadrakali Jatra” and “Pachali Bhairab Jatra”, which is comes every 6 years period. it means every 12 years it will celebrate both Jatra alternatively.

    Hence, I, representive from whole Malakar/Mali community, humbly request you to correct that line very soon and expect same thing from you in next issue too.

    thanking you

    suraj k mali

    • Thank you very much for your comments. Here the mentioned Khadga Jatra is celebrated at Ason Bazaar every year a day after Vijaya Dashami. So, as per the information received, this jatra is different than Khadga Siddhi Jatra (Gathu Jatra)as mentioned in the comments.

      Please write again if any mistake is found in writing.

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