May 182012

Who could think that the man whom you trusted so much that you married without taking consent of parents can lead your life to an end? But such thing has happened with Ruby Tandukar of Bijeshwori Kathmandu who suicides after not being able to tolerate the continued torture by her in-laws in a most reprehensible manner on Saturday.


According to police, the postmortem report shows that she was brutally beaten, body was full of injury and backbone was broken.  Ruby was found hang in ceiling fan in the room and was taken to Norvic hospital.

Ruby’s parental home was just 50 metre far. Yet they knew it only after villagers inform them.  Her husband, Prashant Tandukar has been detained and has accepted that he has beaten her on Friday, according to police.

In 2063, Ruby escaped from her home to get married with Prashant. So, her parents were annoyed with her such marriage that they invited her to parental home only after 7 months of marriage and gave her clothes and some jewellery.

According to her father Rajendra Malakar, she was tortured from 2065, 2 years after her marriage and was able to escape from home to call them.  Ruby was in a very pity condition and her clothes were torn that time.  So, we sought the help of Maiti Nepal and also complained in police for her safety but to no avail, added Malakar. Rs 50000 cash was also given when Ruby said she was sleeping on floor.  Malakar further added that she might have been demanded many more, but, as the marriage was love marriage, she might not have said anything to them.

Finally, Ruby’s life ended on Sunday morning in the hospital.

(Photo Credit: Kantipur)

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