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4 Responses to Maoists want ban on Hindi and English movies in Nepal

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  2. Jacky Limbu says:

    **** you government.Piece of shits.Do you that we’re stupid enough to let Nepal just be Like North Korea? We are Already Awaken from the lies governments speak.**** Do this, and there will be Civil War. ********* only thinking about themselves.We will stop this New Word Order.Mark my words,**** .

  3. limbu lumphungwa says:

    u guys are sick….almost Taliban !!!

  4. ...... says:

    well that way even nepali movies can’t survive since they can’t copy foreign movies anymore……..and does that mean nepali movies aren’t affecting nepalese society??cause i see the other way round..they are actually giving creativity a bad name so ban them instead.dnt do this injustice to us for godsake and focus more on helping ur poor jantas out there and dnt act like as if u care bout the society.if so please prove it by doing some actual social works.

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