Aug 282007

Smoking for 93 years and celebrated 100 years' birthdayYesterday Winnie Langley celebrated her 100th birthday by lighting her 170,000th cigarette from a candle on her birthday cake.


She started smoking at 7 which sums up to a 93 years of smoking five cigarette a day. Winnie tells that she never tried to quit and she is not going to start now. She claims it has never made her ill.  (source)

Well, what about the health officials, are they lying?

Winnie Langley died at the age of 102 (just sort of a month to her 103rd birthday), on July 27, 2010. She quit smoking just before Christmas of 2009 and died within a 7 months of quiting.

  6 Responses to “100th birthday candle lights cigarette”

  1. This could be me in 46 years!

  2. Love her picture

  3. See what happened after she quit? She died, it is not your lifestyle, it is your genes, so all the haters of bacon and smoking just need to be quite.

  4. I'd like to know if the photo is copyrighted.

  5. [...] smoked for more than 95 years and made headlines when she lit the cigarette from the candle on her 100th birthday cake, died almost at the age of 103. That was just one month short of her 103rd birthday, on July [...]

  6. It’s because she only smoked 5 a day – 11/2 pack a week. Near enough not smoking for a woman with good genes…

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