16-year-old with biggest breasts in China – auctioning her breast

In the latest news, a 16-year-old girl Xu Haojia is auctioning her breasts for charity.

The Shanghai Daily reports,

Xu Haojia, who lives in Qingdao, China, claimed to have the biggest breasts in China and said in her blog that she hoped five Chinese celebrities, all male, can bid for her breasts because “they may need the fat to change to be females in the future.”Xu once worked as a personal assistant for “Sister Lotus,” a woman in Beijing who became famous – or infamous – among Chinese Web surfers by posting private pictures and boasting about her great figure that many people said was “disgusting.”

The link to Sister Lotus may mean Xu’s offer to auction her breasts is simply a publicity stunt to gain fame.

Xu Haojia breast“I hope they can offer 200,000 yuan (US$26,316) each for the auction,” Xu said in an article in her blog entitled “The No. 1 breasts want an auction for love donation” on June 30 at Sohu.com, a popular Web portal on the Chinese mainland.


Similar to the one involving Rosie Reid, a student from the University of Bristol (UK) who sold her virginity online in 2004 to the highest bidder, this one is also creating lot of concerns over the world.

It seems she will have them surgically removed, and will literally hand her disembodied mammaries over to the highest bidder.

Xu Haojia breastClick here to see a bit revealing photoXu Haojia breast

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