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  • Flashback 2010 – Nepali celebrities – Actors

    Nepali Actors in 2010

    This year, chocolaty actor Aryan Sigdel and action hero Biraj Bhatta ruled the movies. Aryan was common in most of the digital format movies released this year. Those were the movies targeted to young generation. In most of the action movies, Biraj Bhatta was featured. This year, Rajesh Hamal was mostly featured in supporting actor role. Another super hit actor, Nikhil Upreti, was mostly talked about his affair with actress Sanchita Luitel rather than the roles he played in movies.


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  • Flashback 2010 – Nepali celebrities – Actresses

    1289549557_namrata_shrestha_homeAfter the analysis of the movies released in 2010 (in Part 1 and Part 2), let’s look back to 2010 and analyze the works of actors and directors to see who were successful and who were unsuccessful in the Nepali film industry.

    Nepali Actresses

    With two hits movies and an appreciable performance on Bato Muni Ko Phul, Rekha Thapa is the front runner in the list of successful persons in Nepali movie industry in the year 2010. Rekha’s role in Hifajat, Kasle Choryo Mero Mann and Bato Muni Ko Phul were appreciated by the viewers. Her glamorous role in other movies couldn’t leave a long lasting impression in the viewers.

    rekha thapa
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  • Casino Manager arrested for allowing Nepalese to gamble

    The manager of Casino Tara at Hyatt Regency, Manoj Prasad Subedi, was arrested by Metropolitan Police on Thursday. He was arrested for evading tax amount to Rs. 20.6 million and illegally allowing Nepalese inside the casino to gamble.
    After Police arrested the general manager of Casino Shangrila Harka Yera, they were searching for Manoj Prasad Subedi for quite some time.

  • At least three injured in Bomb Blast

    At least three people were injured in a bomb blast that took place near a hardware store in Surkhet road in Nepalgunj. The three people that were injured in the blast have been identified as Kausal Acharya, Yubraj Chalise and Dilli Regmi. The injured people have been admitted to Bheri Zonal Hospital for treatment.
    All the shops were closed following the blast in the city. No further on who may have been involved in the blast has been so far reported.

  • MaHa comedy – Laxmi

    laxmiNew comedy serial of MaHa
    StarringHari Bansha Acharya, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Sharmila Malla etc.

    Part 1 (Dec. 27, 2010)
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  • A baby with two heads

    A mother from Dailekh district VDC-9 has gave birth to a child with two heads. Bishnukala Nepali, 37, gave birth to a female child having two heads on the way to the local Balekanda sub health post on Sunday afternoon.
    The detailed report on this is still being awaited. No details on this have been reported.

  • Nepali Movies, Looking Back to 2010 (Part 2)

    Continued from the First Part – Nepali Movies, Looking Back to 2010 (Part 1)

    After two years in release queue, Didi Bhai of Sunil Manadhar was finally released this year. A family drama and action movie was liked by a lot of viewers. Fans of Rajesh Hamal, his dialogue delivery, and action have appreciated this movie.

    The musical blockbuster movie Nai Nabhannu La, directed by Bikash Acharya, also did a good business inside and outside of Kathmandu valley.


    After a long absence from Nepali movie arena, director Naresh Paudyal released Deepsikha. This movie was published about the fact that actress Arunima Lamsal was the scriptwriter of this movie thank making it a better film. The only thing that was successful was the promotional song of this movie.

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  • Nepali Girls in Goa saved from traffickers

    Three Nepali girls, including one minor, were rescued from the traffickers in Goa on Saturday, 25 December, 2010.
    According to police in Goa, among three of the Nepali girls, one was minor, who were promised by the traffickers to get job at casino as dancers. However, the three victims were pushed into prostitution later. Thankfully, the girls were lucky on Christmas day to be rescued; they were taken to the state protective on the same day.
    Two persons were arrested for trafficking Nepali girls in Goa. They have been identified as Nandisha gowda, 25 from Bangalore and Hanumant Patel, 25 from Rajasthan. Both will be booked under the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act and Goa Children’s Act for trafficking the girls, including minor.

  • CA Member killed in road accident

    Late CA member Dambar Bahadur Khadka

    CPN-UML Constituent Assembly member Dambar Bahadur Khadka was killed in an accident that took place in Bhaktapur district on Saturday night at around 8:30 pm. He was riding on the motorbike when a passenger bus hit the motorbike at Kaushaltar. Police have arrested the bus driver.
    Dambar Bahadur Khadka was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Shankhwasabha Constituency No. 2.

  • 22-year-old student murdered in Capital – Colleagues at her workplace suspected

    A 22-year-old girl, who was pursuing her studies in Capital city, was murdered by none other than her own colleagues at her workplace. It has been reported that police have enough evidence to prove that her own colleagues have murdered her.
    Sarala Thapa, a student at 12th grade was found stuffed in sack with multiple head injuries. That sack was found in Bishnumati River at Gongabu on Tuesday.
    There were two main evidences that police found made them believe that the murder was none other than her own colleague at her workplace. The recovery of a piece of clothe from her workplace and an audio clip of a conversation between Thapa and Sahil Khan led the investigators to suspect the murderer of Thapa. The motive behind the murder by her colleagues however was not clear. Police have arrested Sahil Khan, Alam Khan and Angila Thapa as suspects for Sarala Thapa’s murderer.

  • Nepal featured in Google's Interactive Holiday Doodle

    Google homepage featured an interactive holiday Doodle (Google Logo) from December 23 through December 25. The logo features 17 illustrations of scenes of peace, joy and beauty around the world. When mouse is moved over the small picture, it expands and a click takes to Google search page explaining that particular context.


    What made this interactive logo special to Nepali all over the world is that, one of the 17 illustration represented Nepal. The painting shows three ladies laughing in front of a structure that looks like a Stupa. A click on that picture takes to the Google search page for Nepal

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  • Nepali Movies, Looking Back to 2010 (Part 1)

    As usual, a lot of Nepali movies were released this year. But, none of them could do excellent business either within or out of Kathmandu. Last year, there were some really good movies like Kaha Bhetiyela by Shree Krishna Shrestha and Shiva Regmi. Kaha Bhetiyala did an excellent business all over Nepal. But this year, Nepali film industry didn’t see such blockbuster movie. We expected a few movies to leave their impression. But, all of them didn’t live up-to the expectation.

    In the starting of the year, viewers and film makers were hopeful on the movies made by experienced directors and the media was also full of movie news. In the media, in contrast to the usual trend, Nepali movies got more coverage than Nepali music, this year. Some of the things that the viewers look forward to were the comeback of Manisha Koirala and MaHa -duo after a long absence from the Nepali movie industry. This year also saw the comeback of Jharana Bajracharya.

    In the Nepali new year (2010, April), Rekha Thapa released her movie Hifajat featuring Aryan Sigdel. The movie did a good business. Glamour and exposure of Rekha Thapa had worked for this movie and was successful in attracting the youth to the theatre. In addition to that, good music, story and Gyanendra Deuja’s direction can be attributed to the success of the movie. Some Hidu extremists tried to create a controversy on to a dress Rekha Thapa wore in the movie. Rekha promotion tactics coupled with the controversy helped the movie in positive ways. A poster of Hifajat, a direct copy form a Hollywood movie was also much talked about during the time.
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  • Eye Contest No. 5

    Happy New year 2011 to everyone.

    Who is the owner of these eyes?


    Please fill-in the form below to send us the correct entries by January 6, 2011

    The winner will receive Rs. 500

    Click here for -> Rules of the contest and other details.

    The result will be announced on January 6 Jan 12, 2010. Please try your luck to win for the New Year present from us.

    Sunita Giri will offer a bandanna if the winner happens to be from Kathmandu. Fill in the following form to send your answer:
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  • Real juice – five fainted after drinking the tainted juice

    In a latest news, five people from Kabhrepalanchowk have fainted after drinking Real branded juice. The Dabur Nepal product, Real Juice, has been in the headlines for some time after extensive numbers of quality complaints from all over Nepal.

    Naya Patrika writes, the victims are admitted in Shir Memorial Hospital in Banepa. One of the victim, 56 year-old Harikumari Humagain is serious and is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit.


    Earlier, there were reports of a police raid and protest in Indian cities on India-Nepal border. The protest was related to on reports that Dabur is
    supplying the tainted juice to Indian market.

    The police has confiscated the juice packs and is investigating the reason for the illness. (Photo credits Nayapatrika)

  • Embarrassing story of a mother and her daughter

    A mother filed a complaint to the police about bullying. Her complain was against some local boys who have been, for past few days, making mockery of her daughter named Munni. It was complained that boys sung the famous song of an Indian movie Dabang, ‘Munni badnaam Hui Darling Tere Liye‘ whenever Munni passed by her neighborhood.

    This had been like a daily routine for the local boys against Munni, and the family was very irritated by the unwelcomed and disturbing activity made by their neighbors. Munni’s mother pleaded to boys not to show such behavior against her daughter but in vain. Instead, boys would defend themselves by saying “what is harm in singing famous song like this”. It had been very difficult moments for the family to stay in such disturbing environment.

    Finally, Munni’s mother decided to report this incident to the police after her friends suggested her to do so. Munni’s mother was reluctant to go to the police at first fearing that the embarrassing story would spread like a fire all over cities and it would be even more intolerable for her family.
    It was sighing of relief for the family for a week. But the local boys started singing the song “My name is Shila..Shila ki Jawani…” from the Hindi movie ‘Tees Mar Khan’. Coincidently, Munni’s mother name is Shila. The local boys came to know about Mother’s name after she had reported her daughter’s incident. The family’s story got even worse after Shila’s name was revealed in the neighborhood. The local boys would sing both songs whenever the mother and the daughter would pass by the neighborhood.

    It was excruciating for the mother and the daughter to stay in such neighborhood that does not have respect for the family. And therefore, they decided to move to different place in the city by changing their names.
    The questions to be pondered upon are:

    • Should the mother and daughter have moved out just because the song was sung after their names? Were they so embarrassed that their lives were like hell?
    • Who would you blame for all the coincidences?
    • Should the song writer be blamed for writing such provocative songs? Or should such movies be banned?
    • What would you do if such incident happened to you?

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