‘Mero Katha’ released in Western Nepal

A movie made on the story of Badi community, ‘Mero Katha’ was released on the Mid-Western and Far-Western parts of Nepal on March 29. All the actors in ‘Mero Katha’ are new faces in movie industry and two well known actors – Aayush Rijal and Poojana Pradhan are also featured in guest roles (Previous post on Poojana’s role in Mero Katha).

mero katha poster

The producer, Rabindra Baral, said that the movie is doing very well in the local theaters. The local Badi community are very excited to see their own life style in the movie.

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Haritara Film Award awarded to Sunil Thapa and Dinesh DC

This year’s Haritara Film Award was awarded to actor Sunil Thapa and actor/director Dinesh DC for their contribution to the Nepali movie industry. A program held by Haritara Award Guthi in Kathmandu on March 30 to hand over the award to the winner.

haritara film award and honor

Actor Sunil Thapa has been active in the movie industry for the last 25 years and DC has been active as  a journalist, RJ, actor and director for the last 15 years. The award amount is Rs. 25,000. In addition to awarding Sunil Thapa and DC, five other film related personal to be honored were producer Chhabi Raj Ojha, film journalist ShantiPriya, actress Sapana Shrestha, artist Binod Shrestha and actress/producer Jenny Kunwar.

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Second generation film artists in Nepali movie industry

Nepali movie industry is largely influenced by Indian movie industry, Bollywood. Similar to Bollywood, it is easier for the kids of actors and film technicians to enter the film industry. Some of the names of second generation artists in Nepali industry include:

Samyam Puri – son of director Narayan Puri started in movies as a child artists and had debuted as an adult actor in ‘Samaya’.

samyam puri - sayad

Salon Basnet – son of actor and director Shovit Basnet is also debuting in ‘Hostel’.

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Is Bhuwan KC dating Ashika Tamang ?

Actor Bhuwan KC is known for scandals and numerous affairs with all sort of women. Bhuwan prides himself as the playboy of Nepali movie industry and is occasionally seen with women younger than his kids.

In a latest rumor, Bhuwan KC is seeing Ashika Tamang, a nurse by training. Ashika and Bhuwan were seen together in the sets of the movie ‘Hostel’. Ashika is currently modeling in some music video and is seeking an opportunity to get a role in a movie. 

bhuwan kc and ashika tamang

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9 O’clock premiered – releasing on 29 March

A premier show of movie ‘9o’clock’ was organized in Kathmandu on Thursday, a day before it’s official release. Journalists and film industry personals were invited to watch the movie.

9 o clock film poster

The movie is made on the story of a person who thinks money is everything in life. In spite of the projection of the movie as a sex-oriented movie, the movie didn’t have much sex contents.

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Nisha Adhikari to scale Mt. Everest

In a press conference, Actress Nisha Adhikari has announced her plan to scale Mt. Everest soon. Nisha is planning to start her Everest journey on April 6, 2013.

<Samsung NV4, Samsung VLUU NV4>

In the press conference organized by the Film Artist Association in Anamnagar, Kathmandu actor Nawal Khadka, actress Karishma Manandhar, actress Basundhara Bhusal, Ramesh Budhathoki, Dinesh DC, Rajesh Payal Rai and others were present to offer their best wishes to Nisha for the journey. Nisha expressed her sadness on the absence of the FDB head, Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita ‘Pappu’ in spite of the invitation.

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Holi at Karishma Manandhar place and Binod’s birthday

Film producer and Karishma Manandhar‘s husband Binod Manandhar celebrated his birthday on Holi. To celebrate his birthday and Holi with film artists Karishma had organized a party in her house. Like in year 2011, many of the film artists had shown up in the party to enjoy the festival of colors.

<Samsung NV4, Samsung VLUU NV4>

In the party, Binod cut a cake and Karishma opened a bottle of champagne and shared them with the guests. Almost 600 guests were present in the event. Last year, Karishma didn’t organized such party because of the mourning on the death of Binod’s father.

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Celebrity Holi photos (updated)

update – More photos added at the end.

Holi at Karishma Manandhar‘s place: Like in 2011, Karishma is organizing the Holi celebration at her residence. (We will update with more photos later. Photos posted in this post)

karishma manandhar holi preparation[8]

Holi at Poojana Stri’s place

The festival color, Holi is the best festival of the kids and Poojana Pradhan is the best person to count on celebrating Holi with kids. Poojana’s message, "Your happiness is my destiny." and she has wished best wishes of Holi to her lovely kids,family,friends,fans and audience. Poojana adds, "Enjoy Holi without hurting others!"

poojana stri holi

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Rekha Thapa and FDB head Pappu seen together in Dolkha, again

After the marijuana incident of Shivaratri, the relationship between Rekha Thapa and the Film Development Board (FDB) head Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita (Pappu) has been a topic of gossip in the film sector. Rekha had unsuccessfully attempted to get herself in Pappu’s place in FDB.

rekha_thpaa_jharna_thapa_pappu in background

The FDB head Pappu had visited Dolkha with FDB employee to inspect the proposed Film city in the area on Thursday. On the next day, Rekha Thapa and Jharana Thapa had also visited Dolkha to worship in Dolkha Bhimsen temple. With them, journalist Prakash Subedi and Jharana husband Sunil Kumar Thapa had also visited the place.

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Nepali Movie – Mahan

mahanNepali Movie – Mahan
StarringBiraj bhatt, Arjun Karki, Rose Rana, Jharana Thapa, Usha Poudel, Dinesh Sharma, Jaya Kishan Basnet, Ganesh Upreti, Baldeep Rai, Hiuwala Gautam, Bishnu Sapkota etc.
Director – Krishna Chapagai

This movie is the presentation of Dinesh Sharma for Rakshyanda Films

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Nepali Movie – Aatma

aatmaNepali Movie – Aatma (The Soul)
Starring – Deepak Tripathi, Jyoti Sharma, Bhairav Sapkota, Aasha Paudel, Prince, Jasmin Adhikari etc.
Concept and Direction – Ashok Shrestha

Warning – This is a scary movie.

This movie is the presentation of Bhairab Sapkoata and Pitambar Regmi for MM Films and International Production.

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Nepali Movie – Dilmaya

dilmaya Nepali full movieNepali Movie – Dilmaya
StarringNIkhil Upreti, Arunima Lamsal, Ashok Phuyal, Pawan Basnet, Shaligram Khadka, Elija Rijal, Raju Giri, Rashmi Bhatta etc.
Director – Raju Giri

The movie ‘Dilmaya’ is made on the story of the director Raju Giri. Giri is also the producer of the movie. The script and dialogue of the movie is written by Pradeep Bhatta.
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Manjari release pushed back by a month

The movie ‘Manjari’, scheduled to release on this Friday, is pushed back when the Censor Board objected on some of it’s scenes. Another movie, ‘Vigilante’ scheduled to release on this Friday had also postponed it’s release. ‘Rakshya’, ‘Katha’ and ‘Love in China Boarder’ were released instead.

Manjari's manjari sujata

Melodious music of ‘Manjari’ have been quite popular before the release of the movie and there are quite some people who are awaiting it’s release.

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Three new movies releasing this week

Three new movie ‘Rakshya’, ‘Katha’, and ‘Love in China Border’ are going to release in theaters all over Nepal on March 22.

rakshya poster

The controversial director Raju Giri‘s ‘Rakshya’ was dragged into controversy after releasing shooting photos of bed scenes and hot posters. Later, the bed scene was removed from the movie and the posters were also redesigned. As a result, the censor board has awarded it with a ‘PG’ certificate – suitable for children on adult supervision. The movie features , Poojana Pradhan, Ashok Phuyal, and Sarika Ghimire in main roles. The story is written by Prakash Dhital, music composed by Arjun Pokharel and cinematography of Rameshowr Karki.

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Nepali movie – Nari

nari 1Nepali movie – Nari
StarringMithila Sharma, Rekha Thapa, Sunil Thapa, Laxmi Giri, Ganesh Munal etc.
Director – Sanju Lohani

Nepali movie ‘Nari’ (The Woman) is produced of Santosh Babu Lohani for Buddha Channel Nepal. The movie is inspired by Bishwas Shrestha. Guest artists in the movie are Shanti Maskey, Subhadra Adhikari. Sunil Pokhrel is a new face in the movie. The movie features lyrics of Manohar Gautam, music of Laxman Sesh, screenplay of Ramsharan Pathak, Nawal Nepal is chief assistant director, and editors are Rakshya Singh / Arun Sharma.
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