Mar 062011

UPDATEWatch Batch No. 16 here.

New Nepali movie Batch No. 16 was supposed to be released on March 4 but was postponed for a week. On28th February a special screening of the movie was done for the security personals, journalists and film personalities.

On the latest news of the change in date of release, the director of the movie, Pitamber Pandey said, ‘We sincerely apologize to the audience for not having being able to release the film on time.’

The movie produced by Bikrant Shrestha features cinematography of Purushottam Pradhan. Choreographer Renesha Rai has done justice to the music of Sugam Pokhrel.

Here are some of the posters and the scenes during the shooting of the movie:


batch-16-poster-2 batch-16-poster Poster-batch-no-16

Stills taken during the shooting of the movie.

jhalak -1_033



  6 Responses to “Batch No. 16 – new Nepali movie”

  1. At least i can say this is nepali movie! Great music

  2. Hmmm yap batch num14 is really nice movie,,

  3. Nice movie

  4. i jst love d movie, songs were outstandingly chroegraph

  5. The movie is really appreciable. concept of the movie is damn good. regarding cinematography, the pictures are breath taking but picturizatn is not gud, the scenes are movhng n moving always causing an eyesore. lastly, the acting of ram karki n guru is faboulous. overal, its gud.

  6. i am horribly awaiting the movie batch no 16 i paannnnnnnnn its songs (music)too

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