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45 Responses to Bhuwan KC’s son Anamol to walk on his father’s steps

  1. Kim Hyun A says:

    Hey anmol your so cute :) <3 :D

  2. TenDolkar says:

    OMG ANMOL, YOU ARE AWESOME! Please make me your number #1 fan :))

  3. Anmol chhetri says:

    nepali now i live in u.s.a now york

  4. sabina shrestha says:

    wow!anmol is too hancy i like to be ur friend please accept my friend request

  5. KaNcHaN SaNjEl says:

    HeY aNmOl mO Ta u kO FaN VaYeA YaRrR
    JuS LoP EwWwW yArRrRR

  6. KaNcHaN SaNjEl says:

    HeY aNmOl mO Ta u kO FaYeA HaI JuS LoP EwWwW yArRrRR

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  8. Monica says:

    Hey anmol u r rely cute guy i luv u.

  9. Dipa says:

    Hey,anmol l’m grt fan of u &soon i will also joinin filmline b-cas l luv u so much

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