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  • Birthday message collection (for friends, sisters, and brothers)

    Posted on July 1st, 2011 16 comments

    Valentine Day SMS at

    General birthday messages:

    You’re always there for me When things tend to go wrong
    It’s that faith you have in me That makes our love strong
    It’s your loving and your caring And knowing that you’re near That special knack you have Make my troubles disappear
    A better lover no woman could want With your sweet and gently ways And knowing that your love for me Is just as strong today
    birthday_cake I’m so blessed to have A friend like you
    This comes with many loving thoughts
    And war
    m wishes I send too May your day be filled with laughter
    On this your special day And may the finest things in life Always come your way
    This birthday card I send Is as warm as it can be
    I think you are so special And you mean so much to me.
    I’m sending you my love And best wishes your way
    Hoping that your birthday Is a very special day.
    Happy Birthday !

    Warmest thoughts I send today
    To last the whole year through
    Wishes also that life is
    Always good to you
    As each and everyday goes by
    Remember I love you lots I want the very best for you
    And you’re deep within my thoughts
    Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday !
    I’m sending you this greeting with a special birthday wish,
    I write these words with love and seal it with a kiss.
    You’ve brought me so much happiness, with no strings attached. Your love is such a blessing it would be hard to match.
    Oh! I found myself a winner, of this I have no doubt.
    I know for sure that, I took the right route.
    On your birthday honey, I wish everything for you. Peace health and happiness, just to name a few. There’s one thing I can give you and that is my love this you can be sure you’ll never be void of.
    Happy Birthday !!
    With lots of love,
    This message comes to say
    You’re wished the joys you so deserve
    Especially today…..
    And may the days that lie ahead
    Be extra-nice one, too,
    Filled with all the happiness
    ght to come to you.
    !! Happy Birthday !!
    On Your Birthday……
    Cherish the warm and
    happy memories of the past year.
    Look ahead to newer and happier experiences in the coming future.
    There’s no end to the surprises that life could spring on us;
    But hoping that they all be pleasant ones especially for you.
    This comes to fondly wish that exciting things keep happening to you, and good fortune smile on you.
    Wish You A Very Happy Birthday !!
    Just for You,
    On Your Birthday
    “A Birthday is a time to reflect
    on cherished memories……
    A time to treasure the remembrance of
    happy times and special people.”
    Wish You A Very Happy Birthday !!
    Thinking of you with lots of love
    and lots of warm memories, too,
    Of all the special qualities that make up wonderful you !
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!
    With Happy thoughts and wishes,
    I’m sending this bouquet
    To put some extra lovelines
    Into your special day…..
    !! Happy Birthday !!
    birthday_cake_2 Be happy Today, because growing older means…..
    You have more smiles to flash,
    More warmth to give,
    More strength to share,
    More lessons to teach,
    More experiences to learn from,
    More love to spread,
    More good times to cherish.
    Be happy today, because every wonderful thing about you only gets better with time
    May the wonders of this day
    sustain in your fondest memories.
    Have a Great Time.
    I even wish for you to have some special moments to yourself.
    And of course, a really fantastic time with your near and dear ones.
    Having fun all the way….
    Wish You A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    Special Moments filled with pleasure, memories for you to treasure happiness in all you do, all these things are wished just for you
    This says ‘Happy Birthday’
    but home you know
    it’s true that really
    ‘Happy Every Day’ is what
    it is wishing you.
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    A specially warm wish
    for the kind of day
    in which only the best things
    keep coming your way.
    Happy Birthday and Happiness always.
    Thinking of you on your birthday …
    and hoping that all the happiness you have given to others will return to bless you a thousand fold.
    Wish You A Very Happy Birthday !
    With Warmest wishes
    on your Bir
    Wishing you a day that holds loveliness from moment to moment….
    a life that holds happiness day after day.
    Happy Birthday !!
    A time to make a little yet warm difference to your life, by adding heartfelt wishes to your special day.
    May your special day be the beginning of many dreams becoming a reality….
    … And may it add much more happiness to your life, making your Birthday a truly extraordinary day.
    Wish You A Very Happy Birthday !!
    I’m thinking of the nice things
    You always say and do,
    And I’m wishing every happiness
    Will always come to you.
    !! Happy Birthday !!



    For a Friend

    You my friend are never Very far away In my heart I feel your Friendship everyday
    In my thoughts and memory You shall remain From your friendship Is much that I’ve gained
    I’m sorry I can’t be with you On your special day So to you my friend I want to say…
    “I wish for you a wonderful birthday!”
    You?re a kind and generous person Who can brighten up our days Bringing much joy to others With your kind and thoughtful ways
    You?re a wonderful friend Who makes cares just disappear With your warm endearing smile Through out each day all year
    That?s why this greeting
    comes On your very special day To wish you all the best In a very endearing way
    “I wish you a wonderful birthday!”
    Wishing you….
    Time to do everyting you desire
    Health to enjoy doing them
    Laughter to help you through bad times
    Friends to share life’s pleasures with
    Dreams to keep you going
    Wishing you Happiness Always !!
    !!Happy Birthday friend !!
    For You Friend on your Birthday…
    Just wanted to express what a
    terrific impact you and your friendship
    have made to my life…
    There’s never a single moment when I’m bored in your company. I hang on to every word you speak and really enjoy laughing at your funny jokes.
    You’re a superb friend and….
    ….It’s always
    Great to be with you.
    Wish You A Very Happy Birthday !!
    I really means a lot to have
    a special friend like you
    who has enrich my life
    in so many ways.
    and sincerely hope on your birthday that we always remain as close, because friends like you are exceptional and rare.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Friend



    For a Sister

    I’m so blessed you’re my sister And also my best friend
    If I ever want to borrow you always gladly lend
    I need a laugh or two I just give you a ring
    You have this special knack To say the right thing
    You are so very special Always there for me
    If I didn’t have you sis How different life would be
    Laughter and tears we’ve shared
    Throughout the many years And so many times You have banished my fears
    I love you so very much This I just want to say You brighten up my life In so many different ways
    Happy Birthday My Lovely Sister !!
    I always know your trust I have In all that I partake And I want to tell you What a difference in my life you make
    Knowing that you’re always behind me Has made me the person Iam
    You’ve given me the courage To succeed in all I can
    The success and happiness I find Is a credit only to you You always gave me the strength To do the things I do
    Sister, Happy Birthday to you !!
    One of life?s special gifts Is having an sister like you Someone who makes me laugh And lifts my spirit too
    Thank you for caring And understanding me Also for all the little things You do so thoughtfully
    I?m sending you this greeting And a wish for joy and cheer The greeting is for your birthday The wish is for all year.
    Happy Birthday !!
    It?s hard to put into words The things I want to say
    To tell you just how special You are to me each and every day
    I want you to know What a joy it is to be Related to a person
    Who means so much to me
    Happy Birthday My Dear Sister!!

    For a Brother

    Your birthday brings to mind
    all the reasons for which
    I am proud to call you
    my brother and how much
    I love you for that.
    It also brings to mind loving wishes,
    for the best in life for you.
    Happy Birthday !!
    I?m so lucky to have You as my brother
    If I had to choose one I?d choose no other
    When I need help You?re there for me
    A better brother you Couldn’t be
    The bond we share Will always be strong
    In my eyes brother You can do no wrong
    Wishing You Wonderful Happy Birthday!!
    You?re there for me
    A better b
    rother you Couldn’t be
    The bond we share
    Will always be strong
    In my eyes brother
    You can do no wrong
    Wishing You Wonderful Happy Birthday!!
    Warmest thoughts I send today
    To last the whole year through
    Wishes also that life is Always good to you
    As each and everyday goes by Remember
    I love you lots I want the very best for you
    And you’re deep within my thoughts
    Happy Birthday Brother!!
    Because you’re someone very special Brother,
    It’s so nice to have this chance
    To wish you the best of everything A whole year in advance
    Happy Birthday Brother!!
    This is a special wish Althoug
    h we’re miles apart
    Remember dear brother, You’re always close in my heart
    We may not be together On this very special day
    I wish all the best for you And that it’s great in everyway
    Another wish I have for you Is that this life brings Many blessings in your future And a parade of wonderful things
    Happy Birthday Brother!!

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16 Responses to Birthday message collection (for friends, sisters, and brothers)

  1. ajay says:

    Bar bar ye din aye
    Bar bar ye din gaye
    tu jiye hazaro sal ye
    meri h arzoo.
    Happy Birthday to u.
    For ur Big B….

  2. pooja parashar says:

    my frnd lk my messages its realy gud messages.

  3. kunal says:

    You?re there for me
    A better b
    rother you Couldn’t be
    The bond we share
    Will always be strong
    In my eyes brother
    You can do no wrong
    Wishing You Wonderful

  4. nakshkathra says:

    really nice

  5. pragyashree says:

    it was nice reading….dis msg……love it…thank you

  6. shivkumar.s.m says:

    wish u happh birthday to u.

  7. prince says:

    thank you

  8. Reggie says:

    All the birthday wishes message and quotea are good and awesome.
    I reali love it…

  9. quadri says:

    Those message are lovely. I love them

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