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  • Budha Subba Temple – Dharan, Bijayapur

    Posted on October 7th, 2011 4 comments

    Budha Subba Temple is one of the most popular destination of Dharan and Eastern Nepal. The religious place is the location of the tomb of the last Limbu King of Morang, Buddhi Karnaraya Khebang. The King of Morang was tricked by the people representing king Prithvi Narayan Shah to come to Bijaypur – Dharan for a negotiation and was killed there.

    Budha_Subba_Temple_Dharan_Bijayapur (4)

    The Limbu king’s soul was believed to have wandered around Bijaypur area, where his tomb is located. The  local Limbu people believe the spirit was friendly and helpful spirit. They started worshipping the soul of the king believing it to be b
    ring good luck to the devotee. In Limbu language, Subha or Hang means King.


    The bamboo trees found in Budha Subba temple area don’t have the top end portions. Young girls and boys believe that if they tie a colorful string (mala) in the bamboo trees and write their name in pair, they will live together forever. Lot of young people write their names on the bamboo trees in hope to live together for life. The temple has hence been a pilgrimage for love and happy life.



    Bijaypur-Dharan in ancient time was the capital city of the Kingdom of Morang. The kingdom was one of the political and economic centre of the region, currently called Limbuwan. (Photo credit – Dhananjaya Sapkota and collected from Facebook users)

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4 Responses to Budha Subba Temple – Dharan, Bijayapur

  1. Tota Limbu says:

    Buda Subba, protect to all.

  2. yogesh rai says:

    budhasubba is always in my heart

  3. rajiv rai says:

    mero buddhasubba
    proud to b a dharan,nepal

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