Jun 242010

rajesh_hamal_ny0911903368 A film based on Tamang Community in Nepal, “Driver Chyangba” wwill start shooting ina couple of weeks. The movie will be directed by Sujan Lama, shot by Ratna Karki.

Driver chyangba will feature Rajesh Hamal, Bijaya Lama, Dawa Finjo, Bijaya Pakhrin, Kamal Lama, Bhagyaman Tamang, Tirtha Kumar Lama, Soni Lama, and Sapana Glan. The songs are written by Dipendra Dong and Sujan Lama, music by Bishwo Dong and Hem Waiba. The movie is being produced by Chanda Films Production.


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  1. happy new years 2011

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