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22 Responses to Himani Shah, Former Crown Princess – Photo profile

  1. Samir sharma( bhandari) says:

    Sorry to say, being Nepali I am not so proud In Nepal
    If janta is all Boka Neta is also Boka so why should
    Expect to development , first janta has to become
    Bag then the Neta has to be bag this is it thankypuo

  2. gopal says:

    wow our nepal

  3. prawin says:

    tapai qt hunuhuncha

  4. avinash says:

    u r beautiful himani maharani

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  6. Chandra Raj says:

    O, Dirgha Raj Prasai !
    I extend thanks that you have been writting a lot on Nepalese- Nationality, Monarchy and Democracy.You are a great nationalist. We regard your contributions.

    Thank you.

    Chandra Raj

  7. sunil pokhrel says:

    Namaskaar, Princess Himani, Ask Gyanendra sarkar & Parash sarkar to lock up these 601 ministers in cell and save nepal..and Nepalese…

    hajur chaleka pailaharu kahile pani pachhi nasaros ra hajurle chahika kaamharu sabai para hos vhandei bhagaman shree pasupatinathle pura garona ……. vhandei aajalai bida chhahan chhu ? antima hajur ani hajurko paribarlai su awastako kamana garda chhu ?jay nepal jay nares……………………….

  8. Anil says:

    And I am 100% agreed on Mr Dhiraj raj. Well wrote, Keep it up.

  9. Anil says:

    I was and i am proud to call kings of nepal as incarnation of lord Bhisnu, And they have always been kind to every nepali citizen. and they are being now also even if they are not in power i m very happy to see their publisity. we have mistakenly given a chance to this bloody politicians and we are suffering it consiquences also. Now the only person who can change the situation of country that is shree Paanch maharaj dhiraj jyanendra Bir Bikram shah Dev and family. Hope he will rise for the betterment of our peace nation. Best of luck and plz save nepal.

    • bhatt dinesh says:

      Now the person who can save the people neplease and country nepal is king shree paanch gyanandra bir bikram shah .

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  11. Symon Shrestha says:

    Namaskaar, Princess Himani, Ask Gyanendra sarkar & Parash sarkar to lock up these 601 ministers in cell and save nepal..and Nepalese…

  12. Kanchan Thapa says:

    I don’t know where this Nepal will reach now. The true values of nepalese will dissappear where then….everything so nightmarish….

  13. moti says:

    i like this comments made dirgha prasai …we really need monarchy in nepal/

  14. Dirgha Raj Prasai says:

    Dear Editor,

    I extend thanks that you have released the selected photos of the crown princess Himani. We Nepalese people are suffering from the traitors who are in regime. Without the mandate of the Nepalese people, the traitors (5-7)declared republic before the new constitution. We all know- in the context of Nepal, without monarchy Nepal can’t adjust. The King Gyanendra, Crown prince Paras Shah, Crown Princess Himani Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah are so nationalists, we can’t compare with the party leaders. But, they defamed the royalty by the hints of RAW. To save Nepal there should join hands with the royal institution to save the nation and stand against expansionist and imperialist conspiracy and fight imperialist force. Due to the Nepali Congress’s and UML’s anti-nationalist activities and corruption, since 7 years ago, the regime was handed over to the king Gyanendra in 2001. The situation was such that the king had to take over the power in a hurry. The Congress and UML did not support the King and instead joined ha
    nds with the Maoist rebels by the suggestion of the foreign leaders and Indian intelligent agency-RAW. As we already know that, the state system must run on the basis of reason and result. To only blame the royal institution, taking it as the cause for all the problems is nothing but treachery.The incompetent government has failed to reform laws that impede effective criminal investigations into past violations, and there has been little progress in setting up the transitional justice mechanisms promised in the peace agreement, such as a commission of inquiry into disappearances and a truth and reconciliation commission. There is no justice in Nepal, no rule of law and no government. The anarchist party leaders and senior most government officials cannot escape justice. The culprit leaders and security officials must be punished; they are not employed to kill citizens.The Nepalese people are feeling that the country in the worst situation in Nepal history. Nepal has been captured by the vicious circle of unco
    nstitutionality .Its a must to Nepal to get rid of these undemocratic and unconstitutionality circle for the reinstatement of accepted norms and value of democracy as well as constitutionality. The people’s endorsed legitimate main law of land, 1990 (Constitution) has been forcibly abducted by the same vicious circle by using the modes operandi of unilateral and undemocratic process. So, the democratic and legal validity of constitution, 1990 is still alive. It would be right medication to Nepal to reinstate the constitution-1990 in order to fill-up the democratic and constitutional gap. In the presence of monarchy, political parties and nationalist forces including the army, police and court and various organs of the nation should revive the proclamation by King Gyanendra of 20, April, 2006, according to the 1990 constitution and form all party cabinet. From that a path should be searched with Everyone’s agreement to save the nation. So, we all the nationalists should move ahead by creating coordination re
    lation between nationality, royal institution and democracy.

    Thank you.

    Dirgha Raj Prasai

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