Mar 192011

Karishma-and-rekha-holi Karishma Manandhar organized a special event on the occasion of holi at her home. They also celebrated the birthday of film producer and director, Binod Manandar. The actual birthday of Binod Manandhar, Karishma’s husband was on the day before Holi. Also present in the occasion was the Karishma and Binod daughter, Kabita Manandhar.

In the special program, present film related personalities were – actresses like Rekha Thapa, Nandita KC, Rejina Upreti, and Sushma Karki. Among the actors, present were – Yashraj, Niraj Baral, Naresh Poudel, Aakash Adhikari, Ashok Sharma, Shovit Basnet, Sudarshan Thapa, Ukesh Dahal, Kiran KC, and Shayam Bhattarai. Other personalities include Rajendra Khadgi, Himal KC, Govinda Rai, Prabhu Shamsher, Dinesh DC. Also present in the occasion were various singers, journalists and Manandhar family friends.

One of the FM in Kathmadu, Rado Rajdhani, had even organized the live broadcast of the event. The event started at 10 AM in the morning and continued till late in the evening. Posted below are some of the photos from the event:



Karishma Manandhar eats Binod Manandhar’s birthday cake while their daughter Kabita Manandhar looks




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  3. Happy Holy, i am very holi enjoyed

  4. dherai pachi dekhanu paiyo ati nai khusi lagirahre lagi rahea cha. thanks you gays.

  5. karishma is beautiful actress in nepal ,and i like she but i want to know before why she went to America and why come back in nepal ? Now what she doing in nepal.if you have possible let me know .now i am in canada.

  6. […] addition to the photos of Holi celebration in the blog, more photos of Holi in Karishma Manandhar home are posted […]

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