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Jharana Thapa (right), an actress and film producer, allegedly slapped actress Regina Upreti (below) after finding Regina with her husband, Sunil Kumar Thapa. Actors and actress fight in movies but it was a rare scene to see them fight in real lives. That might be the reason why the newspapers like Nagariknews are publishing the news with priority.


jharana Thapa

When Jharana’s husband didn’t return home till late she started looking for him. At about 2 am she saw her husband with Regina in front of their own Joom Restaurant in New Baneshowr. Police and some journalists arrived at the scene when the matter got worse. writes that Jharana is living in her parental home after the incident.

Jharana told that she had seen her husband attracted toward Regina for the last one and half years. She also told that it was the second time she had found them together. The first time they promised not to see each other again.


Sunil and Regina have chosen to be silent in the allegation. It is to be seen weather it is an extra-martial affair or a simple misunderstanding between them.

regina upreti2

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  1. i like ur all movies jharana thapa

  2. hi di can i talk u di ur fabular i like u so much di ur film r also like u tak care

  3. Hi jharana di i like 2 watch ur film what is ur upcoming film.

  4. Probably Jharna Thapa’s husband is not getting satisfaction from his wife. Jharna needs to cook fresh and delicious food and she needs to give her husband more attention, more time, more love and more fun in bed room, to keep him from chasing other women for satisfaction. What a man really needs from his wife is two things: Food and Sex.

  5. OMg!!!!!!! WhaT ThE HelL Is RejinA DoinG,HeY,JharNa Go n SlappED HeR AgaiN,StupiD RejinA.

  6. This is fake.

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  9. HI jarna dide is realy cute i like u r movies.but i hate rajna c is stupide girl.

  10. ramai rahu jasto lagchha timro sath ma

  11. sale rejina talai laj lagdaina arkako logne sanga lagnalai?ani sunil ta chai k bhako ni tyo rejina bhanda far better chhe jharana harek angle bata…………jharana dont worry god is wid u.

  12. What the stupid guy is sunil !!!! Good that you slapped rejana she is stupid to.

  13. what the hall the Rajina is playing with the friends life?jharana go n slapped her.She didn’t get any boy to do so.

  14. jharna how come u r sooooooo awesome beutifull so can u sent urs husband photos & urs kids thank u soooooo much……………………..take care byeeeeeeeee byeeeee see u……….

  15. What the heck Rejina is doing?? to be ashamed to do like such shit work..

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