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8 Responses to Kopila Upreti getting more aggressive in Nikhil and Sanchita relationship

  1. manju says:

    you will never be happy by making kopila weep.

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  4. Meghna says:

    wats dat f***** how could nikhil do dat to his wife,, u hab to pay for this in near future u also hab to face the same days as ur ex wife facing now… U and Sanchita bokshi never goin to be happy.. HELL On U

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  6. Dikshya Koirala says:

    I think it’s not really good to do so………… coz film industry will go down if we missed such grate and brave acotor/actresh.Aanyway if it’s true i will convey Nikhil not to repeat those activites in comming future coz the future of sanchita will be the same as like kopila(his past wife with her six months child)And the grate danger thing if that may be Sanchita will get same pain that his past wife is getting right now when Nikhil get married with Sanchita coz she need to think she is also the woman like kopila.Not good for those two guys…………………..

  7. Avanthi says:

    I believe such a shameful act by such a renowned actor is shameful for the country’s pride…So if this is a reality then he doesn’t deserve a name and fame..and on top of that how could he be such a hard-hearted father leaving a six month child…Such a disgusting person—NIKHIL UPRETY

  8. susma says:

    If this is just a rumor its ok but if it is true then i dont thik they deserve to be part of our movie industry.Coz they r artist who acts reflecting our society n if they r in such track what message will go on people?

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