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15 Responses to Majhi Mama – Nepali Movie

  1. uma subedi says:

    i hate this movie waste of my time

  2. Nadim says:

    haid bakbas movie whats that ???

  3. Kumar (kaka) says:

    Hi, this is kumar kaka from Az, it’s no bad.

  4. praz says:

    Is there any good movies produced in nepal? this kinda movie is jus waste of time…do we have to wait a couple of decade to see the good nepali movies? nepal ka ramra ramra heroine haru lai porn clips matra banauna aaucha ki kya ho

  5. hi this is damo dar pyakurel (DAVID PACK) im from u.s.a. i live this movie ,and thanx for sanding this movie in nepali movies

  6. bishnu bhattarai says:

    hi to everyone. i like this movie majimama thanks hai

  7. ritu says:

    hi to everyone. i like this movie majimama thanks hai

  8. sophia thapa says:

    such a bad and nasty movie waste of my time………………

  9. pramod says:

    Nice Movie,
    Sakchhou sapar sakdainau nabigar.please love & watch nepali movies

  10. Maajimaiju says:

    What a joke! I wonder why Nepali film makers bring out such a movie which is but a complete waste of time. You got to learn from others how movies are produced.

    Nepal ka raamra anuhaar bhayeka, abhinaya garna jaanne abhinetri haru kahaan gaye ni…? Bishnu Rizal and Saujanya Subba should not have acted in such a boring movie. Bring out something new and worth watching.

    Aba dekhin chai yasto jhoor film upload garera youtube ko beijjat na garnu hola.

  11. Rodger says:

    such a rubbisssssss movie.. waste of my time…. :(

  12. sabitri nepal[bhandari] says:

    ramro rechha yo movie maile anuman garebhanda besi nai.

  13. bhagi says:

    I like that movie majhi mama its prety much better.But i would like to say that plz download this movie again. I like to watch this movie again.I watched this before but its too much scharech movie.i would like to say thanks for all who download nepali movie.ok beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. keshab says:

    thank u very much

  15. puja subedi says:

    mama ghara nepali movie can i who

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