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manisha-rajesh05 Bollywood actress of Nepali origin is back in Nepal, shooting for her upcoming Nepali film “Dharma”. Her first and the only one Nepali movie, Pheri Bhetaula, was released some 22 years back. The movie was not that successful and she left for Mumbai to seek acting opportunities there.


Manisha Koirala was born on August 16, 1970 in Kathmandu Nepal. She is popular as an actress in Indian films, a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador, and social activist. Manisha started her career in a Nepali movie ‘Pheri Bhetaula’ in 1989. In India, she has worked in various Hindi and Tamil films. Some of the notable hindi moives are Saudagar, A Love Story, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Khamoshi: The Musical, Gupt: The Hidden Truth, and Dil Se. A Tamil movie Bombay was also one of her very successful movies. In recognition to her acting talent she has received some prestigious awards in the movie industry.

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  1. […] them, Meera and Radha feature most of the Nepali movies. Recently released movie Dharma, featuring Manisha Koirala, was shown in Radha. The seats shown in Photo 1, is an example of the seats in the theater. […]

  2. […] Koirala in a movie. This is one of the two movies Manisha had acted in, to date (the other is a 2010 release, […]

  3. […] of the movie after a few days of the release. The review mentioned that the movie also featured Manisha Koirala and Govinda. The article appreciated their role even if they appeared briefly in the movie. I had […]

  4. […] of Manisha Koirala in Nepali movies through Dharmaa was widely publicized and her marriage and divorce-rumor was also […]

  5. […] Nepali music, this year. Some of the things that the viewers look forward to were the comeback of Manisha Koirala and MaHa -duo after a long absence from the Nepali movie industry. This year also saw the comeback […]

  6. […] Out of them, only Meera and Radha feature Nepali movies. Recently released movie Dharma, featuring Manisha Koirala, was shown in Radha. The seats shown in Photo 1, is an example of the seats in the theater. […]

  7. […] most awaited movie, Dharma, featuring Manisha Koirala was released recently (on December 10, 2010) all over Nepal. There were two reasons for the craze […]

  8. […] Manisha Koirala might be busy in the promotion of her upcoming movie Dharma but, she is also planning what she would like to do next. She has earned name and fame in India and wants to like the rest of her life in Nepal. A decision to do a Nepali movie, Dharma, after 20 years of absence was the first step towards that direction. Marrying a Nepali guy, Samrat Dahal, has made it easier to run away from the lucrative Bollywood limelight. The divorce rumors going around however, is a bad part of it. […]

  9. […] Manisha Koirala started her movie career with a Nepali movie ‘Pheri Bhetaula’ some 20 years ago. After […]

  10. […] Manisha Koirala‘s mother is equally beautiful even in her old age. […]

  11. […] actress of Nepali origin, Manisha Koirala, is facing tough time with rumors of divorce with her newly wed husband, Samrat Dahal. It is not […]

  12. […] marrying Nepali businessman Samrat Dahal, Manisha Koirala (Dahal) is seen more at home, in Nepal, in festivals and special ceremonies. This year, she was […]

  13. […] 20 years and hundreds of movies in Bollywood, the Indian movie world, Manisha Koirala did her second Nepali movie under the direction of  Dipendra K. […]

  14. […] Manisha Koirala participated in the shooting of a Direct-To-Home Television Channels Service (Home TV DTH) advertisement recently. The advertisement was previously set to feature actor Bhuwan KC but at the last minute Koirala was selected for the advertisement. […]

  15. […] Cast: Manisha Koirala, Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Anu Shah, Rejina Upreti, Shanker Acharya, Madhav Acharya, Gajit Bista […]

  16. […] Dutta is going to play the role Manisha Koirala was supposed to play, in the upcoming Hindi movie ‘My Friend Pinto’ by Sanjay Leela […]

  17. […] has covered the news about the honeymoon vacation of Nepali beauty and Bollywood actress, Manisha Koirala. The screenshot on the right is taken from the television media […]

  18. […] the lavish marriage ceremony, the lovebirds Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal are all smiles in their honeymoon in […]

  19. […] the recently completed marriage ceremony, Manisha Koirala had worn different custom designed dresses and diamond jewelries in made for different […]

  20. […] Wedding Reception of the marriage of Manisha Koirala with Samrat Dahal was full of well known Nepali leaders and Bollywood actors. The party also proved […]

  21. […] of the guests at the Wedding Reception Party of Manisha Koirala was Maoist Chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal […]

  22. […] marriage ceremony between Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal was held successfully at Gokarna Resort today, June 19, 2010. Families of the two […]

  23. […] We wish Manisha Koirala […]

  24. […] in and out of love seems like a regular exercise for commitment-phobic Manisha Koirala in her initial days of movies career. But, in the later stages when she wanted to settle down she […]

  25. […] photos of Bollywood actress and grand daughter of Girija Prasas Koirala, Manisha Koirala, with her fiance Samrat Dahal during their engagement ceremony in Gokarna Jungle Resort, Kathmandu […]

  26. […] wish Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal a happy marriage life, in advance. We wish you two a marriage filled with love and […]

  27. […] a latest interview, Manisha Koirala who is going to get married soon to Samrat Dahal, a Nepali businessman, has told that the marriage […]

  28. […] tea. An advertisement featuring Bhuwan KC and his wife was behind the success  of Tinpate tea. Manisha Koirala debuted modeling and acting by the advertisement of Megha Wool which was one of the cause of the […]

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