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14 Responses to Miss Nepal 2010 is Sadichha Shrestha

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  5. lok geet nepali says:

    This was fair result as Mis Nepal was the best among all..

  6. Ramesh Ghaley says:

    what a nice contest and you won the contest…congratulation to you and your family too who gave birth to such a child who has won the great contest…keep it up…

  7. aman magar says:

    Hi sweetheart

    You are so beautiful in the world
    Your smile also sweet for me
    see you

  8. suman shrestha says:

    You are so beautiful and cute.You will making shrestha’s name up.
    You will participent of Miss Earth and you are beautiful in Play it On.

  9. pjaayit says:

    First & Second runner-ups, Sahana Bajracharya & Sanyukta Timalsena are beautiful to be the princesses
    Miss Nepal 2010 winner, Sadichha Shrestha is much more beautiful and to be crowned as the Queen.
    After the crowning, the Queen was seated on the throne.
    Both the princesses can only standing beside to flanked their Queen but they are so lucky having the opportunity to congratulate and kiss their Queen.
    Both the princesses done their good job to love their Queen very much.

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  13. Surendra Chapagain says:

    Drea Miss Nepal,
    How are U ? I happy for U

    With Love,

  14. prem shrestha says:

    thanks Sadichha for making shrestha’s name up.

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