Sep 182014

hmmat_movieNepali film – Himmat
Starring – Rekha Thapa, Biraj Bhatt, Ramit Dhungana, Dinesh Sharma, Shree Krishna Luitel etc.
Direction Deepak Shrestha


Rekha Thapa’s movie ‘Himmat’ was a superhit movie of its time. After the success of ‘Himmat’ the director Deepak Shrestha produced it’s sequel titled ‘Himmat 2‘. Rekha was not happy about the sequel as Deepak didn’t care to consult her and take Yuna Upreti instead her in the movie.

Full movie in single part:

Credit – Music Nepal
This is the placeholder of the movie. I will update this post as soon as the producers make it available online.


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  3. Good nepali moves

  4. Good bepale moves

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