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14 Responses to Nepali Movie, Saino

  1. khags says:

    I have waited ages to get the other half of the movie..
    When do we have the privilege to watch this fantastic movie in full.
    I heard the next half is even more interesting and intimidating.
    Please someone upload the movie……

    I have watched this half so many times already.. really longing to see the next half…

  2. Kiran Rai says:

    can you download the part 2,plez?i watched part 1 and i would like to know abt part 2.i shall be greatful towords you,if u do so

  3. krishna bhugai says:

    Not bad i like it. i don’t mind if anybody upload whole movie

  4. Mohan says:

    it shuld be full muvi…its so..boring to watch some part will be great if it woud have full version.otherwise just remove

  5. kushal thapa says:

    thanks tapai lae nepali film herna payako ma tara ma thanks ni aadi matrai dinchu kina ki film ni aadhi matrai herna paya sutnae bela ma here ko thia nindra matrai kharab bhayo film ma k bhayo hola bhannae soch matrai aayo

  6. bikash says:

    ….why is saino movie not complete n why it is not checked by the authorised people?it would be a great failure to uplift the nepali cinema if we nepali dont response n anticipate with eachother….

  7. ram says:

    hi please sand full saino movie in this website

  8. Raksha Acharya says:

    Sabina, if you want to buy Nepali, Newari VCD DVDs instead to have your own copy go to this site-

    There are also free vdo on Youtube but some are incomplete, and some other sites.

  9. sabina says:

    Why saino movie is not complete?? Jadai khallo lago,end samma harna napauda.

  10. Kazi says:

    Thanx for uploading this evergreen movie. However, I could not watch the whole movie because only seven parts have been uploaded. Isn’t there any way the rest parts of the movie be uploaded?

  11. xnepali says:

    Thanks Lamaji,
    Nice info for those who want to see the movie.

  12. Rajkunar lama says:

    yaha euta byasta shahar bombay ra gauko tulana garieko chha.gau kina pahad nai nahos asubidha nai hos gau gau gau nai jhunchha.swachchha safa hunchha. ramaillo hunchha.aniyaha nari ko atal biswas sahas atma biswas dekhaeko chha.euti nari afno patiko mritu paschat pani kati pani bichalit nabhai afno chhorako shahara ma basinyo nari ko thulo mahanta ho.yo euta ramro paksha ho.ani film ma jasto kaha chha tyo filmko name sanga ekdam mileko chha.

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