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18 Responses to Nepali Movie – Ae Pandit Baje

  1. firozsheikh says:

    can you send this full movie i like this movie,,,,pls pls pls pls

  2. Shankar Acharya says:

    hai friends i like this movie .I wanna know how to downlode movies in net .I hope u will help me

  3. Ae Pandit Baje says:

    my e_mail ma auta movie haldinu hai

  4. dikshya says:

    i will not forget this movie but plz put full movie

  5. hari adhikari says:

    can you send this full movie i like this movie

  6. ram says:

    plz uploded full movie Ae pandit baje, i hope u uploded fast plz,plz,plz ok byeeeeeeeee

  7. tila says:

    hi y u didn’t pot that movie did u forget to put Nepali Movie – Ae Pandit Baje?

  8. yam says:

    can you send nepali movie nishana and a pandit baje plz plz pzl

  9. Hari Dhakal says:


  10. Ganga Acharya says:

    Hi really really really love this movie bcoz this is very related to the our social and this was happen in reality.

  11. tum bhandari says:

    i will never foget this movie

  12. BIKASH says:

    how to download this movies?

  13. madhu sudan silwal says:

    how u published this movie a…pandit baje without my permision?

  14. deepak nepal says:

    i like this movie

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