Sep 122009

For Chhinamasta Chalchitra Films
Manoj Dhakal presents
Nepali film – Afno Ghar Afno Manche
Cast – ShriKrishna Shrestha, Nituta Singh, Melina Manandhar, Dilip Rayamajhi, Tika Pahadi etc.
Direction - Narayan Puri

The movie is not available anymore
E 10782.0


Enjoy the music videos:
Timro Nyano – Movie: Afno Ghar Afno Manchhe

Jindagi Ho Sukha Dukha

Mero Binti Suna Na

Sagar Nai suke pani

  11 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Afno Ghar Afno Manche”

  1. hawa……… mildeina…………

  2. Afno ghar afno manche

  3. i like this movie so much plz upload this movie

  4. oi ho yesto

  5. la la dami6 u ko jastai

  6. I like this move

  7. nice movie i watch this movie more than 5 time but than also i really want to watch this movie by the way lots of thank’s of uploading hai

  8. I really like this movie. I want to watch this movie again.

  9. pradeshi kanchha

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