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17 Responses to Nepali Movie – Afno Manche Afnai Huncha (2011)

  1. niras gurung says:

    wow i love this song

  2. Niraj Bhusal says:

    I want another song i.e. Timrai Angalo Ma Sara Khusi Pauchu. Can u provide that

  3. divya bhandari says:

    hello can u plz upload a full movie mero euta sathi 6 plz

  4. Arjun thapa darlami says:


  5. Arjun thapa darlamia says:

    ramro lagyo nepali chalchitra pani k km.

  6. Areef, HK says:

    Afnai Manche Afnai Huncha, story suits the title of the Movie. Sweetest movie which gave me another impression of Nepali movie, I really enjoyed this movie, emotional and sorrowfull, hope to see more of like this…
    Buuut how the part 11 of climax scene ended ? which left me scratching my head in confusion, Please HELP ! If Possible !!

  7. deependra says:

    wow really nice movie,

  8. Tara says:

    Many thanks for posting of such a good movie enjoyable has the elements and kept me hooked…
    But please be noted and make clear view of part 10 and worst part is 11 which is climax part too.

  9. damber says:

    i liked this website plzs put new movies again. i am from canada if u know me that is good for u all my loving friends and u all.

  10. Guru, Dover says:

    Yes, yet another so sweet movie with full of emotion charge and likeable flashbacks. After the interval the movie picksup more serious parts which kept me held-up.

    Warmest request to the Admin:
    Myself and on behalf of the Worlwide online viewers, please re-check and arrange to rectify part 10 and 11.

  11. sujuki says:

    so so nice movie……i like it so much

  12. yadu says:

    i like this movie very much thanxs for uploding

  13. mac says:

    wow!.what a nice film. i like it ssooooooooooo much

  14. Laxman says:

    nice movie Hi This is to much why now movie update half
    only plesae don’t upload half movie
    if you want’t upload please upload full movie…………….Thanks

  15. jivan magar says:

    plz upload full movie………

  16. sagar says:

    where is the other parts

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