Aug 212011

batch_no_16 Silence Entertainment presents,
Nepali Movie – Batch No. 16 (2011)
Producer – Bikarant Shrestha
StarringSuman Singh, Rubi Bhattarai, Sushma Karki, Anup Baral etc.
Story and Direction – Pitamber Pandey


Batch NO. 16 has used one of the advanced movie camera to shoot the movie.

Full movie, in a single part

Music videos and Trailers of the movie:


Batch No -16 Promo

Bhutani Katha

Interview with Shiva Pariyar & Sangi Full Song
खुशी फुल्छ मनै भरी by Sanup Poudel & Rajeeni Rimal

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  1. book very good! thank so much!

  2. thanx for uploading batch no 16….nice movie like it very much

  3. this movie is good ok

  4. very very nice movi batch no 16 i like

  5. Very nice movie, thank you for the link.

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