Aug 032009

Note: Following videos are only the music videos of the movie. Full movie will be posted when available.
Nepali Film – Behuli
Casting: Prakash Adhikari, Sunita, Subhadra Adhikari, Jiterdra Mahat ‘Abhilashi’ etc.
Fiilm: Behuli (songs)

Maya Ke Hola

Aja kasto taranga


  3 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Behuli”

  1. jati sunepani ramro lagne song i like it

  2. is there anyway i can see this movie online…Behuli..

  3. itis very nice muvi ”आफैसंग हारेर पनि जिउने गर्छ मान्छे आँशुलाई पानी ठानी पिउने गर्छ मान्छे मनको पीडा,मनमै राखी बाँच्ने गर्छ मान्छे बाध्यतालाई आफ्नो ठानी हाँस्ने गर्छ मान्छे”

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