Sep 232012

chapali_heightAasma Films P. Ltd. presents a movie based on a true story by producer Arjun Kumar
Nepali MovieChapali Height
StarringBinita Baral, Raj Timilsina, Amir Gautam etc.
Director – Dipendra K Khanal


Also refer our Review of Chapali Height and the pre-release review of Chapali Height.

Full movie in single part:

upload credit – Music Nepal

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  5. Nepali movie is like

  6. very nice and sexy movie

  7. excellent

  8. Maybe nice movie, I haven’t watch this
    but many criticism that means sometime
    too good!!!

  9. I DONT THINK THIS movie is good noany hinds just like atele serial,make it sence when u wrote a story how these movie make more money , if u want to make movies make sence make like loot that’s better than this

  10. hai all facebook friends

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