Sep 162011

Nepali Movie – Chhodi Gaye Paap Lagla (2009)
StarringBiraj bhatt, Rajballav Koirala, Sanchita Luitel, Richa Ghimire, Nir shah etc.
Story / DirectionUjjwal Ghimire


Chodi Gaya Paap Lagla had won 7 National awards. The movie was released in Kathmandu after 2 years of release in theaters out of Kathmandu (Kathmandu release in June, 2011). Well, this is not the only movie that took so long – another movie, Silsila was released earlier this month after 3 years of it’s release in theaters out of Kathmandu.

A presentation of Keshav Bhattarai, the movie is told to be made on the story similar to the life of its actress Sanchita Luitel. We wrote the detailed life story of Sanchita and the story of the movie earlier to compare the stories.

The movie is available in a single part
Full movie in a single part:


Credit – Music Nepal.

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  2. I love my own culture and tradition; therefore, I watch a couple of Nepali movies and Serials every weekends. I was wondering if I could get to watch new and brand movies frequiently. Thank you so much for those who are participating their role inorder to send cultural message to the Nepalese people throuthout the world.

  3. malai yo movie dherai man par6. jhhan yasko song ko kura nai nagaru babal.

  4. hai this is dilli form america and i want to watch nepali movie izzadhar, ,himat2, grokhapaltan,

  5. hi this is saroj from america and i like rekha thapa movie batuli. could u send me this movie if u do send for me then i’m very greatful to u
    thank u

    hope u will send for me

  6. kimdanda

  7. I love nepali flim .

  8. i like this movies i watching this movies its movies is good i love it?

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