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8 Responses to Nepali Movie – Dasdhunga

  1. Niran says:

    Flim (taron) I know the scripts for this movie related in powers for first time in nepal and i will give the flim’s pattern please contact me on email

  2. anuj pandit says:

    nice very nice,heart touching,makes me to fell lets do something

  3. ashika says:

    dear uploader it would be great if u could upload the movie again..thanks…..

  4. ashika says:

    i really wanted to watch this movie but it got removed by the user..pls do upload it
    does anyone knw where else i can find this movie ?????thanks

  5. tamang says:

    i like this documenty.khasma ko ho ta hatyara?

  6. Dr. Suresh says:

    nice movie,,nice thiem…well presentation..but it has been sensored lot.. some facts have been abandoned

  7. Dipak Nepal says:

    Daasdhunga sabai nepalile ek choti heranai parne movie banya rahe6..Manoj Pandit G lai maane maile….

  8. anju neupane says:

    wanna cry…..kin jhut ko sath sadhai?????love ths pic hope yestaii film banun

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