Feb 282011

Nepali movie – Dosti
StarringNikhil Upreti, Biraj Bhatt, >Arjun Karki, Jenisha KC, Rose Rana, Dinesh Shrama, Subhadra Adhikari etc.
Director – Madan Ghimire


The Nepali movie ‘Dosti’ is a presentation of Sophia Cine Marts banner by Rose Rana. Rose Rana is also featured as an actor in the movie. The action movie was a super hit movie of its time.

Full movie in single part:
The Nepali version is not available now. But a Bhujpuri dubbed version can be watched below:

credit Bhojpuri Hot

  13 Responses to “Nepali movie – Dosti”

  1. mahan movies khoi ta.

  2. DOSTI is very nice thankyou ROSE RANA

  3. Awesome, movie and story suit the title of the movie, it reminds me my best friend. But its so sad in the end…

  4. Dosti… This is the reality of life friends, try to realize. Truly so sad movie but one of my favourites of all time.

  5. dirty flim

  6. I hope this doesn’t happened to anyone in real life bcuz it is just so unfortune. I am like crying, Bhat and Karki acting is brilliant, sooo saad in the END…

  7. Wow ! Dosti !!
    Love this movie..but its so saddd…makes me cry all the time

  8. hi good chha

  9. Many thanks 4 posting ‘DOSTIiiiiiiii’
    Here is another great movie that made me cry and its not a joke movie…

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  11. this movie is so nice i never seen this type of nepali movie please keep it this movie friend ship vanako yasto huna parcha

  12. I Had think this is good movie but it is not, only **time waste**!!!

  13. dosti movie ramro chha

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