Nov 102009

Shrawan Ghimire presents
Nepali film – Dui Kinara

Starring :Niruta Singh, Suman Singh, Bhupen Chand, etc.
Story, Script, Dialogue, Editing and Direction - Tulsi Ghimire

The movie is not available. Enjoy music videos from the movie


  8 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Dui Kinara”

  1. nice viedo keep up it …..

  2. hi like this mvoie story mo rekha thapa ho la

  3. hi like this movie story can u sand me ……..

  4. fantastic love story i think every one should watch this movie ….i love the story and acting is superb

  5. Nice movie. love your acting Bhupi. A long way to be as good as Amir Khan though :)

  6. i likes this movie& i would like to say love u so much NANU BABU

  7. really really i couldn’t stop my tears to fall while watching this movie.actually touching movie,very nice movie tragic-comic situations…….forthe 1st i wept when i watched ‘dukha’ movie by same heroin now…..tooooooo

  8. I like this movie

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