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13 Responses to Nepali Movie – First Love (2010)

  1. Aaditya khawas says:

    its fabulous n interesting …………..its the movie to be watch by the youngsters ……its my favourite movie n karma is the best player or his acting influence me……… others r also not bad they have done gud acting ….overally its nice picture nobody says bad

  2. manita says:

    Y there is no image of binaya?

  3. roshan says:

    relly nice i like it………………….

  4. vishnu says:

    i like

  5. san says:

    Hare shiva esto pani movie huncha na katha cha na acting cha na kei na kei tesai first love thuikaa go die assholes . This sucks taiit i just trashed 30 fkn mins of my life i tried just cudnt do it more than 30 o boy :-\

  6. bharat gautam says:

    wonderful movie. I proud on this movie, it has really made us every movie should be like this…. thank you very much for all of you. whoever like it.

  7. muskaan says:

    v3ry v3ry niC movie and im proud that nepali movie are improving…

  8. Bimal says:

    one of my fav movie, great movie, loved it

  9. govind says:

    I LIKE IT. NICE MOVIE…………………

  10. Janak agri says:

    i like this Movies very very nice Film

  11. dipak pulami says:

    nice this movi i am verry proudof nepali artist

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