Aug 132011

first love nameMadhav Wagle Presents
Nepali Movie – First Love (2010)
Starring: Aryan Sigdel , Karma, Binaya Shrestha, Nisha Adhikari, Richa Sharma  etc.
Director – Simosh Sunuwar


Full movie in a single part:

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Enjoy music videos from the movie
Ko Hau Timi

Timro RupKo Ranga

  14 Responses to “Nepali Movie – First Love (2010)”

  1. its fabulous n interesting …………..its the movie to be watch by the youngsters ……its my favourite movie n karma is the best player or his acting influence me……… others r also not bad they have done gud acting ….overally its nice picture nobody says bad

  2. Y there is no image of binaya?

  3. relly nice i like it………………….

  4. i like

  5. Hare shiva esto pani movie huncha na katha cha na acting cha na kei na kei tesai first love thuikaa go die assholes . This sucks taiit i just trashed 30 fkn mins of my life i tried just cudnt do it more than 30 o boy :-\

  6. wonderful movie. I proud on this movie, it has really made us every movie should be like this…. thank you very much for all of you. whoever like it.

  7. v3ry v3ry niC movie and im proud that nepali movie are improving…

  8. one of my fav movie, great movie, loved it

  9. I LIKE IT. NICE MOVIE…………………

  10. i like this Movies very very nice Film

  11. nice this movi i am verry proudof nepali artist

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