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17 Responses to Nepali Movie – Gangajal

  1. Hariyo says:

    Third class movie, Third class acting, Third class costume, cheap n low grade actors. No creativity. They couldn’t even come up with good Movie title.
    How long do they tend to carry on these kind of chepaness? And how can poeple like these kind of utterly nonsense movie?? THe actor playing Rekha Thapa’s father has no acting skills at all and he’s supposedly playing a major role…
    Three words ” CHyaaa , Chyaaa, Chyaaa “

  2. narash says:

    i like your movies sis.

  3. Roopa says:

    Awesome ! I really enjoyed throughout the movie. I like Biraj Bhatt’s action sequences,dance and acting, well-done, keep it up. Rekha Thapa suits in her hire style and looks so beautiful. And the credit goes to the Producer and Director as well, for presenting such a nice movie. .

  4. Yogini says:

    Great movie and a great message. I watched this film many times. Thanks for uploading !

  5. Sam, UK says:

    After a long boycott gap of watching Nipali movies I’m reluctantly desired to comment – I wonder why Kollywood does not make such kind of movie, it is probably the best social, drama based movie I ever watched. The movie everyone should see, after interval with the twisted story that enlightens the true meaning of title Gangajal that holds you spellbound. I truly thanks to xnepali for posting of this movie.

    Warm Regards and Wishing you all Merry Xmas, year 2011.

  6. itoyj amal says:

    i like this movie. very nice but can u put movie kasle choryo mero man full movie not only promo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. himal rai says:

    nice film i watched this film many times

  8. Bhai says:

    Good movie send me another part please

  9. Ram dahal says:

    I want to watch biraj bhatta movie raj please send me soon.i waiting for raj movie. Ok

  10. asmita says:

    I love this movie because the got good action and drama i think this movie have to super hit and they fighting both of girl rekha thapa and shovita simkhada good movie,drama ,action and i have a question when i wacth one like rajatpat or sinema something like that the one boy say dilip raymaji is die is that real and can you answer me reply please!!!

  11. rajesh says:

    hey can u upload all parts of this movie.

  12. prakash says:

    can you please put 6 parts

  13. Tularam says:

    Plase send me other part

  14. sweety says:

    nice movie bt y u didn’t put full parts of movie

  15. Rekha says:

    hi my name is rekha can u send nepali movie called pailo pailo maya please

    thanks by rekha

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