Dec 292011

Rajesh Bansal presents:
Gorkha-PaltanNepali Movie : Gorkha Paltan
Starring : Prashant Tamang, Gopal Thapa, Sonia KC, Vinaya Lama etc.
Direction/Writer : Narayan Rayamajhi
Single part version:

***previous multi-part version ***
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


  19 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Gorkha Paltan”

  1. […] vernture with Prashanta Tamang was also a superhit movie titled ‘Gorkha Paltan’ (watch ‘Gorkha Paltan’ […]

  2. फिल्म दामी छ !!

  3. good story

  4. download ramaro sitha vayako china so bro la

  5. Wow ! Its really amazingly realistic and touching
    film I have ever watched so-far. Many thanks for
    uploading, and hopping to see more of like this.

  6. ‘Gurkha Paltan’ (The Gurkha Force)
    A simple story and heart-wrenching film which was superhit when it hit the silver screen in Nepal. The life of a soldier is like on the edge of an sharp knife, specially on the war zone. The scene of death news of the captain Birman Thapa shocked the family members is the plus point of the film, which is brilliantly presented and picturised. The minus point is forcefully draged a girl Ritu abainst her will to get married by gang of a bad boy Jhupe was an old fashioned.
    Locations and costumes are original and most
    incidents are believable. A true native Nepali-
    way of film that draws attention of cine-goers
    in the hall till end. Thanks to the makers of the
    film and hopping to see more of like this, keep
    it up…

  7. woooooooooooooow very nice movie i like so much wooooooooooooooooow

  8. Its a beautiful story that enlightens the true meaning of life for a soldier. I’m fully satisfied and enjoyed watching the film. I also urge everyone should watch. Thanks for posting !

  9. plz up load full movie………

  10. Yes, ‘ a Superhit Film’
    Recent Nepali Movie ‘Gurkha Paltan’ is a life of a honest and brave soldier film that attempts to realistically portray the sacrifice in the Battlefield.
    Storyline is simply believable and realistic incidents and locations that kept audience hooked throughout the film. Weldone Rajesh Bansal and Narayan Raimajhi…

  11. Beautiful movie

  12. try to upload full movie plzzz.

  13. […] Nepali Movie – Gorkha Paltan – इन्डियन आइडल बन्न सफल नेपाली मुलका प्रशान्त तामांगको हिरोको रुपमा पहिलो फिल्म "गोर्खा पल्टन" सफल फिल्म मा गनिन्छ  […]

  14. its a nice movie and nice story

  15. plzzz upload full movie

  16. nice movie

  17. thanks for upload this movie it is very funny!!! hahahahahahahahaha

  18. teska baje full movie upload ta garnu parcha rat bhari nasuti hereko lasta ma gayera intresting part nai missing mero nidra ko compansation dinu parne bhayo chito full movie upload garera

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