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9 Responses to Nepali Movie – Hami Saathi Bhai

  1. santa sodeahi says:

    please upload nepali movies AVATAR, DAUTARI, DAIJO, KARJA.Nepali movie nowadays are very worse,film actor are very bad nowadays, they are not look like film actors,that is why there are not much audience in film hall. one of you make a nepali film with nice title like 1996-1997s with old actors and see ,you will have lots of audience okey? THANK YOU

  2. sapnasansar says:

    open new nepali movie

  3. arunima says:

    hey whoever you are i wanna say something about hami sathi bhai and otherone .. that hami sathi bhai is not comming in youtube. you know if you leave it like that people want see it.but is not comming .can you plzz delete which movie is not comming in youtube. thanks your friend
    arunima all the from dharyan.

  4. sachin says:

    this movie is very good i like nirta actig
    it’s great niruta sister

  5. sangita neunzig says:

    i like move nikhl good

  6. punam.sharma says:

    i like this funny movie to much please upload other movies also thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. im NAGENDRA says:


  8. krishna raj says:

    I like nepali movies.This movies is realy good.I’m krishna raj.I’m in india but i’m missing nepal.

  9. ganesh tiwari says:

    I like nepali movies.This movies is realy good.I’m ganesh.I’m in USA but i’m missing nepal.

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