Jul 312009

Nepali Movie – Indreni (इन्द्रेणी)
Starring Sushil Chhetri, Dilip Rayamajhi, Bipana Thapa, Jharana Thapa, Sumina Shrestha, Rejina Upreti, Arunima Lamsal, Nandita KC (debut) , Sonali Lama etc.
Director – Kishor Dhakal


The movie of Indreni Films Pvt. Ltd. — Laxmi Prasad Dhakal

The movie is no longer available
Enjoy some songs from the movie:

The movie is not available anymore.
**Enjoy some songs from the movie:
Satai ranga indreni


  21 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Indreni”

  1. plz give whole movie dont make people wait for long time

  2. plz. upload the movie inrani

  3. could you plz put indreni movie back

  4. plz sent full movie

  5. Hi br0 c0uld y0u send the nepali movie anjaanaima maya bsalahai.
    if y0u inderstand the s0rr0w 0f thet 0therS inner c0re 0f heart then y0u will send this m0vie. S0meb0dy waitting f0r this movie which was related in his
    life that’s me Samy0k rai. right n0w fr0m Nykøbing M0rsq.

  6. hi can u uplord the nepali flim sudio ko sindur plz

  7. hi this is me soniya plz try to send latest movies la.i love to see nepali movies.it is really cool.send me more hai la.thank you so much for this other movies.this is a great website.

  8. hi ma deepak maile nepali film kismat kati khoje kati khoje tara pauna sakina kya tysaile plz send me.

  9. hi, i am sabina i like this movie veru much. thank you very much.

  10. Link corrected.
    Now you can watch the movie

  11. hi iam from usa.plz send inrandi movie.i know this movies is so nice i want to see plz try to send me

  12. मलाई इन्द्रेणी फतादिनु ल धनाबाद …..धनाबाद धनाबाद

  13. me from us send me nepali movie indreni movie

  14. Good job! Thanks

  15. hi indrani movie hanra khodha not avabile bhancha y please send again la no longer bhanchha yar try 2 send la

  16. hi can u sent nepali movie indreni again plz

  17. its really good management of flim .but actually some flim is half its make khallo so plz sent me the movie silsila haie thanks


  19. hi i am from washington plz sent kismmat,himmit ok

  20. hello i am narayani from italy just now i see this film really nice its indreni its gives both things old cultar and new jeneresation powre of daughters or ladies.. thanks so much…..

  21. hi daju my name is prativa now iam in America plz plz send me himmat,kismat

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