Jan 162015

jwalamukhiNepali Movie – Jwalamukhi
StarringMelina Manandhar, Dhiren Shakya, Usha Poudel, Sushil Chhetri, Dinesh Sharma, Mukunda Thapa, Ramesh Budhathoki etc.
Director – Om Prakash Niraula

A presentation of Melina Manandhar for Sangam Vision, Nepali film ‘Jwalamukhi’ is a revenge story of Meenakshi (played by Melina Manandhar). Meenakshi is taking revenge of the death of her husband Abhishek (Dhiren Shakya) and her daughter Jharana. Watch the film to understand the relationship between Anjali (Usha Poudel), Raj and Rohit and the game of tussle and revenge.

Full film in single part:


upload credit – Songs Nepal

Details: Actors Arpana Singh, DB Lama and Santosh Neupane are featured in guest roles. Choreography by Dinesh Adhikari, editing / background music by Bikash BC, music by Chetan Sapkota, cinematography by Suman Tandukar, and script Maunata Shrestha. NB Maharjan is the fight director, Binod Budhathoki is the executive producer, co-producer is Manisha Budhthoki,

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