Jan 162012

k_yo_maya_hoNepali Movie – K Yo Maya Ho?
Starring Aryan Sigdel, Sushma Karki,Arunima Lamsal, Saugat Malla, Anurag MS Kunwar, Nir Shah, Keshav Bhattarai, Rajaram Poudel etc.
Story / Screenplay / Dialogue – Niraj Vikram
Direction –  Sudarshan Thapa

The movie ‘K Yo Maya Ho’ is a presentation of Suresh Pahari.

Single part movie:

Credit – Hi Tech Entertainment


  14 Responses to “Nepali Movie – K Yo Maya Ho?”

  1. Ke yo maya ho

  2. wow this movie is cute

  3. ramro kamedi 6 film

  4. malai ni nindara lagena yo movie here pa6i

  5. i like to watch nepali movie that are fabulous,specially actor role by RN sigdel coz of my fav,,,im nepali bt im in foreign country ‘united state’ so i have not get the idea to watch the latest movie on website,can anybody help me??

  6. i want to thesis this Film K YO MAYA HO about code mixing of English n Nepali but i can’t get any source about the film. Director sir of this film, Please help me to do my work properly.

  7. k yo nepali move downlod gara harna mildaina sir?

  8. gud movies

  9. nice movie

  10. nice movie… sushma karki is soo cute…

  11. wow………soo nice movie n i like sushma karki …c is soo cute

  12. I like all aryan move this move very good .

  13. Nice movie

  14. Concept is nice but masala alik pugena

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