Sep 152009

kismat-rekhaNepali film – Kismat
Starring Rekha Thapa, Biraj Bhatt, Aryan Sigdel, Nir Shah, Harihar Sharma, Subhadra Adhikari, Jitu Nepal, Gopal Nepal (Fiste) etc.
Story / Direction – Ujjwal Ghimire


The movie made on the story of director Ujjwal Ghimire is the third film of Rekha Thapa’s Rekha Films. In the movie actor Aryan Sigdel has debuted. It is also the first movie featuring Biraj Bhatt in leading role. The movie is produced by Guna Cinema.

This is the placeholder of hit movie ‘Kismat’. This post will be updated as soon as the movie is available online.

Till then, enjoy our collection of Nepali movies.

Rekha Thapa’s very successful movie, Kismat, is the third movie she has produced. Although the story and few scenes are exact copies of various Hindi movies, presentation has made it popular among viewers.

The movie was released in Baisakh of 2064.

Kismat poster


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  3. this movie is my favorite

  4. wow nice nepali movies

  5. […] Kismat (Posted – Sept 16, 2009 – Trailer and review) -  Rekha Thapa, Biraj Bhatta, Aryan Sigdel (first appearance), Nir Shah etc. […]

  6. I really like this film,,yr

  7. i like kismat movie it make nice

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  9. this movie copy with hindi movie

  10. […] is promoting her latest movie ‘Hifajat’ these days. Her previous movies ‘Himmat’ and ‘Kismat’ did very good business and were hit movies and she is expecting ‘Hifajat’ to follow the […]

  11. Wahhhhh!!!!!!!! 6bi ji n Rekha ji,tapayi haru le hindi movie Taal & Prem prtigya ko copy garda,tapayi ko movie KISMAT le only midiya mata superhit bhayo hola traa hami jasta darsak ko nazar ma fagat euta chiting matra ho.AAGAMI DIN haru ma yedi Nepali movie banaaudai hunuhu6 bhane yesto khale chiting garnu bhayo bhane hammro Nepali samaaj lai tapayi haru dubai janaa lai prativa navayeko tra chiting garne kala bhayeko bujhne6n.-thanks for your chiting.

    • Ya thats right , they chit haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………don’t know how to create their own but it is a cool movie…….ANYWAY…….doesn’t matter to me but for others……………….RIGHT?

  12. iliked it

  13. wonder fill movie

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