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45 Responses to Nepali movie – Kismat

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  2. tom says:

    wow nice nepali movies

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  4. Kc niraj pokhara says:

    I really like this film,,yr

  5. hari says:

    i like kismat movie it make nice

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  7. Meena says:

    this movie copy with hindi movie

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  9. Krishna raj says:

    Wahhhhh!!!!!!!! 6bi ji n Rekha ji,tapayi haru le hindi movie Taal & Prem prtigya ko copy garda,tapayi ko movie KISMAT le only midiya mata superhit bhayo hola traa hami jasta darsak ko nazar ma fagat euta chiting matra ho.AAGAMI DIN haru ma yedi Nepali movie banaaudai hunuhu6 bhane yesto khale chiting garnu bhayo bhane hammro Nepali samaaj lai tapayi haru dubai janaa lai prativa navayeko tra chiting garne kala bhayeko bujhne6n.-thanks for your chiting.

    • USA says:

      Ya thats right , they chit haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………don’t know how to create their own but it is a cool movie…….ANYWAY…….doesn’t matter to me but for others……………….RIGHT?

  10. Microsoft says:

    iliked it

  11. indra says:

    wonder fill movie

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