May 282010

Mansarobar Films’ First Movie
Nepali Movie – Laxmi Puja
StarringKristi Mainali (in double role), Ganesh Upreti, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Narayan Tripathi, Rabi Shah etc.
Direction: Raj Kumar Sharma
Full movie sin two parts


  15 Responses to “Nepali Movie- Laxmi Puja”

  1. see movie laxmi puja

  2. plz can u send me nepal movie nepal pyaro6

  3. Add a comment…plz can u send me nepal movie nepal pyaro6

  4. Really nice movie I love it. I think I will wacht it again.thank you for playing the movie. Bye

  5. i love nepali movies plz,can they uphold nepali movie aparadh of nayak ragesh hamal

  6. plz can u send me nepal movie nepal pyaro6

  7. hello– to all.,
    please upload any new one films if you have at this moment

  8. Hi !
    Please don’t upload incomplete films until u get full parts, its like eating without dal-tarkari dry rice.

  9. Hey I am ready for to watch full movie

  10. i wanna to watch dar movie send me fast

  11. Hello Friend,
    Please can you but this full movie of Laxmi puja.
    Thank you.

  12. when u will put full movie laxmi puja

  13. thakai 6 ramri thayu maila baha gartha ni kina tasto garako

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