Sep 262012

ma_timro_bhaisake Nepali Movie – Ma Timro Bhaisake (2012)
StarringJiwan Luitel, Richa Singh Thakuri, Ayub KC, Ramkrishna Bajgain, Pratistha Prasai etc.
Writer / DirectorBikash Acharya
Rating in Nepal – ‘U’

The movie ‘Ma Timro Bhaisake’ is the presentation of One Time Cinema and was released in 2012

Full movie in single part:

Please enjoy music videos from the movie:


Timi Lai Matra Dekhcha Mero Dristi (Rejina Rimal)

  18 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Ma Timro Bhaisake”

  1. really nice movie;;

  2. please upload movie ma timro bhai sakea.

  3. dilli ram niraula panchthar.

  4. please upload full movie ma timro bhaisake.

  5. aafnai style bat upload gare ramro hunx ni aru youtube a/c kin copy garne

    • Thank you for your suggestion.
      But, we don’t own the rights of the movie. So, we can’t upload them.

  6. my best fevorite by deepak limz from ma timro bhaisaken………..

  7. supar

  8. very nice movie i like it pls once time upload pls pls

  9. please upload “ma timro bhaisake “movie

  10. please upload again this movie

  11. this is nice song and looks cote couple in the world best of luck to u both and wish u both be together and make good movie which develop the nepal…♥♥♥

  12. Ma Timro Bhaisake this moves my computer
    nate serch piless cantek my imel ide piless

  13. dami6 filim astai hunu par6

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