Sep 092013

mero jiwan sathiNepali Movie – Mero Jiwan Sathi
StarringRekha Thapa, Resh Marahatta, Sushma Karki, Ragini Khadgi, Shivam Pokharel, Sirjana Basnet etc.
Writer / Screenplay – Samipya Timilsena
Director – Diwakaar Bhattarai


The movie is a presentation of Surya Karki for Yaman Music. There was a controversy during the shooting of ‘Mero Jiwan Sathi’ about Sushma Karki arriving drunk at the shooting spot.

Full movie in single part:

Upload credit – Music Nepal

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  1. […] of the movie. Diwakar had previously directed two movies – ‘Mero Jiwan Sathi’ (watch ‘Mero Jiwan Sathi’ here) and ‘Stupid Man’ (watch ‘Stupid Man’ […]

  2. […] These photos are compiled for the Rekha fans. (we found the movie posted here.) […]

  3. Can you please upload part 2? Nobody likes to watch incomplete movie.

  4. Full movie chhaina?

  5. incomplete movie please put remaining part

  6. Please check before you uploading movie.

  7. mero jiwan sathi nepali film chado feri lod garnu hosa.

  8. yasari private nai garnu thiyo bhane kina rakhanu bhayo yo side ma film ..mero jiwan sathi,plsz chado garnu hosa herda herdai ban bhayo ra private bhanyo

  9. Please check before uploading movie. Thank you!

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