Mar 012012

mero_love_sotryNepali Movie – Mero Love Story(2011)
Starring : Aryan Sigdel, Reecha Sharma,Vinay Shrestha, Sushma Karki (special guest appearance) etc.
DirectorSudarshan Thapa
Writer / Screenplay – Kumar Bhattarai
The movie is the presentation of Eye Core Films.

Full movie in single part:


  10 Responses to “Nepali Movie – Mero Love Story (2011)”

  1. nice movie

  2. nice one

  3. this movie i nice gare but i have not seen ,pleaze upload this movie then will enjoy by watching the movie.

  4. Why you remove this movie!!! Please upload this movie agian so every one can enjoy the movie…

  5. in this movie like but this movie isnt clear story

  6. dhari ramero 6 yo love story movie

  7. really nice

  8. wow , hatts of 2 the entire team.
    usually i hate watching nepali movie but this one … i coundnt keep my eyes off it.

    really nice concept and fresh new breath for nepali industry.

    a must watch. comedy and romance all in one , it a package!

  9. nice ya really nice

  10. loveli n nice movies keep it up

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