Feb 162013

parichayaSuresh Suman Priesent
Nepali Movie – Parichay (2012)
StarringNikhil Upreti, Monica Bedi, Nagendra Rijal, Rashmi Bhatta, Nabin Shrestha, Shishir Rana, Sita Devi Thapa etc.
Director – Aakash Pandey


Parichay was directed by Mumbai based director Aakash Pandey and featured Bollywood actress Monica Bedi and other artists from Mumbai. The movie was shot in Bangkok, Kathmandu and Pokhara in 2011.

video not available.


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  1. Oh ! PARICHAY !! totally copied from Hindi film ‘Do Anjane’ featured Amitab Bachan, Rekha & Prem Chopra in the lead role. I think the director Akash Pandey intentionally tried to fool Nepali audences and its artists. The director should feel shame. Really disappointing !

  2. Nepali film ‘Parichay’ (released 2012) ? or Hindi film ‘Do Anjane’ ( released 1976) sound like different title. But to find out story line and contents ? and if any one who have not watch the films yet, then first watch both films turn by turn and comment. Thanks !!!

  3. ma lai yo movies ek dam man par6.by

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